Volusion ecommerce vs. Shopify ecommerce

With all the online shopping done today, it is important for merchants to have a professional, elegant and completely running storefront.  I have thoroughly analyzed and reviewed shopping cart ecommerce software to find the best ones. There are dozens of shopping carts available in the market, but Shopify and Volusion ecommerce sets themselves apart form others with their wide set of features, easy-to-use functionalities and affordability.… read more “Volusion ecommerce vs. Shopify ecommerce”

Yahoo Commerce vs. BigCommerce – Feel the Difference

As Internet marketing is growing, you can see a boom of marketing products online. Various eCommerce and eBusiness products are available on the Internet like Yahoo Commerce and BigCommerce and you often get puzzled as to which one to choose from them. To decide one, you have to know the difference between them. Read on to see which one suits you.… read more “Yahoo Commerce vs. BigCommerce – Feel the Difference”

Shopify or Magento: Choosing the Best

In the realm of Ecommerce, it is getting tougher to decide which carrier should host your online store. Two currently popular names used in the emerging Ecommerce market are Shopify and Magento. Both these companies have a lot to offer, but it all really depends on what your Ecommerce needs are. Continue reading this post to find out basic information on both systems or read my full review of the top 4 ecommerce shopping carts or simply visit my favorite, BigCommerce.… read more “Shopify or Magento: Choosing the Best”

Zen Cart vs. Magento vs. Volusion – A Quick Glance

There are dozens of shopping carts and ecommerce solutions available on the internet and at times, it becomes difficult to choose one of them. It’s a jungle and many may look similar from the outside. So before deciding on one, lets have a quick preview and explore their main features.

Read my full review of all major shopping carts or just visit my current favorite BigCommerce.… read more “Zen Cart vs. Magento vs. Volusion – A Quick Glance”

Los Angeles Surfing Instructor Review: Sergio

Today I had a great day surfing in Santa Monica with Tara thanks to my expert instructor.  I went out with Sergio Penaloza from Los Angeles Personal Surfing Lessons and he did an excellent job of working with us to show us how everything works.  Sergio looks a little strange in the picture on his home page, but he’s a really cool & friendly guy. … read more “Los Angeles Surfing Instructor Review: Sergio”

2010 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Review

Update: For those of you wanting to skip all the analysis & shopping cart reviews & ecommerce platform comparisons, the bottom line is that I recommend BigCommerce for building your next business. Shopify is the runner up. Also please note that there is a video of ecommerce shopping cart reviews at the bottom of the article.read more “2010 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Review”

Joshua Tree National Park Vacation Visit

Tara and I visited Joshua Tree National Park on vacation Saturday & Sunday.  The trip was tons of fun, and since we went on July 24th it was extremely hot (113 degrees!).  Joshua Tree National Park is located east of of Los Angles, just past Palm Springs.  The Joshua tree is named by the Mormons after Joshua from the Bible because the trees have their limbs uplifted almost as if towards God.… read more “Joshua Tree National Park Vacation Visit”

Volusion vs. Magento vs. BigCommerce – Choose the Best!

A simple Google on the internet for “shopping carts” endows you with thousands of results. But this is where the future of online marketing resides. Shopping carts provide you with relevant information and reviews that enhance your online business. Having a product to sell is one important part, while getting an online store is another vital issue.… read more “Volusion vs. Magento vs. BigCommerce – Choose the Best!”