Los Angeles SEO Firm Weighs in on the Pros and Cons of 100% (Not Provided)

Have you logged into Google Analytics lately? Have you noticed that a certain variable seems to be missing? It’s not a computer glitch. Business owners, webmasters and professional SEOs have descended into panic mode in light of Google’s decision to stop providing keyword data in its analytics. In other words, it’s now far more difficult for you to see which keywords people are using to access your website.… read more “Los Angeles SEO Firm Weighs in on the Pros and Cons of 100% (Not Provided)”

3 Big Ideas to Improve the World

I wanted to share some of my big ideas to change the world:

  1. Allow everyone globally to compete in a fair free market system.  This fair free market system would apply to both politics and economics.  All elections in all countries would be held and monitored by a strict global agency that would be very transparent in all of it’s methods and security protocols to ensure the fairest election and each vote counts appropriately.  
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Hawthorne CA Web Designer – Quick & Reliable

Call me now to discuss your web design & SEO strategy at 310-736-2848

If you own a business in Hawthorne, California, and you are looking for a designer to design and build a web site for your company, there are a number of options available. Not only are there many designers in and around the Hawthorne, CA area, but there are also web designers across Los Angeles and Orange County that you could work with to launch your company’s online presence.… read more “Hawthorne CA Web Designer – Quick & Reliable”

Volusion ecommerce vs. Shopify ecommerce

With all the online shopping done today, it is important for merchants to have a professional, elegant and completely running storefront.  I have thoroughly analyzed and reviewed shopping cart ecommerce software to find the best ones. There are dozens of shopping carts available in the market, but Shopify and Volusion ecommerce sets themselves apart form others with their wide set of features, easy-to-use functionalities and affordability.… read more “Volusion ecommerce vs. Shopify ecommerce”

Good Buys?

Shipping estimate for these items: April 7, 2010

1 “World Sport Disc Cones Red”
Misc.; $12.99

Sold by: World Sport Inc

1 “Cintz 9″ Marker Cones, Set of 10”
Misc.; $17.99

Sold by: Cintz LLC

2 “Franklin Sports Flag Football Set, 6 vs 6 (12 players)”
Misc.; $18.95

Sold by: Recmor Sports

“The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”
Malcolm Gladwell; Paperback; $2.14

“Letters from a Stoic (Penguin Classics)”
Seneca; Mass Market Paperback; $4.95

“Envisioning Information”
Edward R.… read more “Good Buys?”

Ban Privacy Now: Powerful New Organization

Today is a grand day… I am officially founding the “Ban Privacy Now!” organization.

As the President, CFO, leading advocate and only member of Ban Privacy Now (BPN) I am proud to announce that our sole purpose will be the outing of child molestors and their nefarious advocates (pro privacy organizations) everywhere and eliminating laws that support privacy online and offline.… read more “Ban Privacy Now: Powerful New Organization”

Does Religion Support Evolutions Goals?

Most religions have two central commands to their followers that also coincide with the central goals of biological life:

  1. Have as many children as possible.
  2. Spread yourselves around geographically.

Religion causes people to do evil things to one another and limits the progress of humanity in many ways, but it has survived in part by espousing the central commands above.… read more “Does Religion Support Evolutions Goals?”

Businessmen are the Best Men

I have gotten so tired of people constantly ragging on businesspeople and claiming that they will save the world through their volunteering, traveling, hippy living or other generally jobless activities. ‚ Bullshit. ‚ Volunteering is masturbation for the ego. ‚ I know hippies who care about the environment and only eat organic foods… only to drive several hours back and forth from home twice a week.… read more “Businessmen are the Best Men”