Dictator Teodoro Obiang Son Buying $380 Million Yacht

The son of  the dictator of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang, Teodorin Obiang, tried to buy a $380 million dollar superyacht.  He claims paid with it with money earned from his private business ventures and his salary of $6,700 per month as Agriculture Minister.  Teodorin Obiang’s father is grooming him to take over the country and apparently is passing his corrupt ways on.  … read more “Dictator Teodoro Obiang Son Buying $380 Million Yacht”

Westboro Baptist Church’s Goal: Making Money

The Westboro Baptist Church is a well-known hate group that runs sites such as “God Hates Fags” and shows up at soldiers funerals to protest their alleged support of homosexuality.

Read the following article on why the WBC does this- it’s not out of some insane religious notion, it’s a get-rich-quick scam.  The whole family is attorneys and tries to get people to violate their rights so they can sue the police, city, government & military for not protecting them as their Constitutional rights give them.  … read more “Westboro Baptist Church’s Goal: Making Money”

Greatest Crimes Against Humanity Happening Now

And all the major countries do is sit in cowardice, laziness, and excuses. America, Japan, China, India, France, Spain and Germany are all to blame. Not only for the wholesale slaughter in Libya and the crushing of freedom there, but for half a century of an entire country being a prison camp in North Korea and many other incredibly corrupt and criminal regimes.… read more “Greatest Crimes Against Humanity Happening Now”

Government is the Most Powerful & Evil Corporation

Many people criticize big corporations as being too big and abusing their power and wealth. Those people are generally correct in many of their points.

The people that criticize big corporations usually point to government as the solution. They say that taxes, regulations and police will check the abuses of big companies.

Who will regulate the government though?… read more “Government is the Most Powerful & Evil Corporation”

Paul Krugman- Abusing NYTimes?

Am I the only one who finds most of Paul Krugman’s ideas poorly reasoned? Every time I sign on to NYTimes.com, his latest article is at the top of the most popular/most emailed list… and usually what he writes is just his random senseless rants. I have a feeling that he found a way to game NYtimes system in order to get his articles to show up higher, perhaps by employing a black hat programmer.