Interviewing The Senate Band

The Senate is a hot upcoming Seattle band that has been together for several years now and have built up a rabid fan base, including many of my own friends. Two members of the band, Andrew Pulkabrek and Oliver Franklin, were kind enough to allow me to interview them for my blog. I recommend visiting their Myspace page in a new tab or window and listen to their music while you read the interview!… read more “Interviewing The Senate Band”

Los Angeles

I am loving LA right now and having tons of fun. I have some photos from my expeditions and adventures, but I cant upload them from Jeremy’s computer at this point. Have patience though, you will see them soon.

Brief summary of events:

Friday night I arrived at 9 pm and Jeremy was anxiously awaiting me in his new Audi TT, a neato little present and a sparkle in his eye.… read more “Los Angeles”

Silver Joe Coffee – Vanilla Flavor

Silver Joe coffee company has been delivering quality and delicious blends of coffee for years. The vanilla cr¨me coffee is no ordinary coffee. This unique blend of vanilla beans and smooth cr¨me is truly the best in taste and quality. It combines the rich and robust taste of Silver Joe coffee with the smooth taste of vanilla cr¨me.… read more “Silver Joe Coffee – Vanilla Flavor”

Engine Powered Reciprocating Air Compressor

When you are looking for a quality and dependable engine air compressor, the two stage engine powered reciprocating air compressor is just what you need to get the job done. This engine powered air compressor is reliable and makes any job you need to do a lot easier. This air compressor comes with a heavy duty two stage air compressor that is engine powered.… read more “Engine Powered Reciprocating Air Compressor”

ALC Keysco Siphon Feed Sand Blaster Kit

The ALC Keysco ALCF50 siphon feed sandblaster kit with 50 lb capacity can do the job for any of your sandblasting needs. This siphon sandblaster kit comes equipped with a 50 lb capacity for any size job that you need. From personal to professional, this sandblaster kit delivers what you need and with an affordable price has been getting good reviews.… read more “ALC Keysco Siphon Feed Sand Blaster Kit”

Paramount Viness Memory Foam Topper For Bed

The Paramount Viness 5 pound memory foam topper for beds is an excellent way to get the extra comfort that you need for your bed at an affordable price. You can add three inches of quality comfort to any mattress with this memory foam from Paramount Viness. This foam memory pad comes with a plush fabric zippered cover and is made of top quality material.… read more “Paramount Viness Memory Foam Topper For Bed”


The MDF mobile aneroid sphygmomanometer is a quality piece of medical equipment that can serve the needs of your medical facility. It incorporates all of the features you are looking for in a desk and wall sphygmomanometer with the ease of a sturdy and quiet stand on rollers.

It comes with a gauge to be able to reduce the parallax effect and is imprinted with big bold dials that are easy to read.… read more “Sphygmomanometer”