Los Angeles

I am loving LA right now and having tons of fun. I have some photos from my expeditions and adventures, but I cant upload them from Jeremy’s computer at this point. Have patience though, you will see them soon.

Brief summary of events:

Friday night I arrived at 9 pm and Jeremy was anxiously awaiting me in his new Audi TT, a neato little present and a sparkle in his eye. We immediately went and picked up Levi, who took us to a hot LA party thrown by some art organization called PYT. The bar was full of uber-hipsters who made Jeremy look normal and made me stand out in my simple black t-shirt and jeans as somehow strange. Some new stories were created during the nights course of events that will live on in my memories for many years.

Saturday we went out to an all you can eat Korean BBQ Jeremy found near his studio. After spilling some Korean food on myself, we proceeded to a trendy yogurt place called Pinkberry. I got myself a bowl full of green tea yogurt which tasted like crap and I threw away the whole thing. Next, Jeremy and Levi and I went to a Mexican place with stellar margaritas. We finished the evening at the Cha Cha, which is owned by the same people as the Cha Cha in Seattle on Capitol Hill. I felt like I was home again minus Bimbos Bitchin Burrito Kitchen.

Sunday Jeremy and I surfed during the day in Malibu. By the way, the weather here has been cloudless and perfect every day. I love LA. After surfing, we went to a fresh shrimp and beer shack and ordered two pounds of freshly cooked jumbo shrimp and two giant pitchers of beer and relaxed watching the ocean, kite surfers and the sunset.

In half an hour, we’re going to go get all you can eat sushi! Woohoo!

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