SQL Databases

SQL is pretty difficult to learn for a poor business guy like me. But I’m working on it slowly… I installed SQL Express and am using it as a Google developer.. ie I type into Google “SQL tutorials”. Too bad other SEO’s have dominated that keyword trying to sell me SQL tutuorial videos and other crap I don’t want to buy.

Out of Food

My refrigerator is looking despairingly empty. Turkey slices, Costco condiments and cottage cheese. Unappetizing.

I think my happiness levels are directly correlated to the amount of tasty food I have lying around. Time to hit up QFC.

Ancient of Days

Stress started to get to me today. I came home from work and was feeling on edge and like I had some pressure in my skull and a slight bleariness in my eyes. The entire day was busy with little tasks that had to be done immediately mingled with big tasks that have looming deadlines and factors I cannot control and by the time it was over I wasn’t feeling my usually laid back self.… read more “Ancient of Days”

DelTaco Scam

Smooth talking big boy manages to get himself some free food from a DelTaco in California…

… but after he posted the video to Youtube and it got 20,000 hits someone reported him to the police. The police in Rialto (the city where the DelTaco video was filmed) arrested Robert Echeveria (the star) and brought him up on charges for stealing $15 of food.… read more “DelTaco Scam”