Ancient of Days

Stress started to get to me today. I came home from work and was feeling on edge and like I had some pressure in my skull and a slight bleariness in my eyes. The entire day was busy with little tasks that had to be done immediately mingled with big tasks that have looming deadlines and factors I cannot control and by the time it was over I wasn’t feeling my usually laid back self.

It probably doesn’t help that as soon as I got home I picked up the book that my coworker Nic’s wife loaned me (The Stand by Stephen King; actually a pretty good novel) and just let the plot and suspense get me even more wound up. Later in the evening, my friend Tara and her little dog Frida went on a walk with me and even some exercise didn’t seem to help.

Now I am undergoing a self-prescribed regimen of blog therapy. A little New-Agey for me, but maybe it’ll work.

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