Open Houses for Graduates

I went to an open house for web design graduates from the Art Institute of LA and found it to be really helpful to be able to meet with recent grads and have them show me their work.  I wish all different types of schools (business, engineering, programming, etc) would do something similar.  It would really help employers.

Banks Purposely Slowing Foreclosures?

I saw an interesting article today in the newspaper that banks have greatly slowed the foreclosure process.

I actually think it is their business strategy going forward- if they foreclosed immediately on everyone who deserved it it would flood the market with homes. The massive increase in supply would knock home prices down even further, causing many more people to strategically default on their mortgages. … read more “Banks Purposely Slowing Foreclosures?”


Making predictions is hard an opens the door to failure. It also helps you get better at making future predictions. In that sense, here are a few of my predictions:

-Barack Obama will win the next election and eventually be recognized as one of America’s better presidents.

-Steve Ballmer will be canned at Microsoft in the next year or two but unless Bill Gates returns, Microsoft will continue to turn into a patent troll and failing company.… read more “Predictions”

CalPers Criminals Destroy Evidence

In yet another instance of scummy activity by public employees, the executives in charge of CalPers recently ordered all emails over 60 days deleted. There are multiple investigations into their activity now and they have decided to destroy the evidence.