Massive Hidden Government Subsidies

Right to repair laws has been squashed repeatedly by the biggest corporations on the planet (Apple, Microsoft, John Deere) to protect their monopoly profits. Government monopolies have been granted to these companies via the patent system that prevents new competition from entering, government tariffs and customs that prevent overseas competitors from entering our market, and onerous software that requires all service to be done at a dealer.… read more “Massive Hidden Government Subsidies”

Smartphones: A Harsh Addiction & Powerful Tool

I spend more time on my smartphone with every day that passes. It is a struggle to resist this strong addiction. I have blocked a number of news websites at the router level to help reduce habitual checks. I have deleted apps and things that I visited too much. I closed my Facebook account.  Yet new addicting things keep coming up.… read more “Smartphones: A Harsh Addiction & Powerful Tool”


Never get in a fight you can’t win. Never get in a fight to defend your “honor’ or ego or someone else’s. Never get in a fight you can avoid. The only situations in life I think I have ever been in a fight I couldn’t avoid was when I was in high school or younger and was forced to be next to the person I was fighting… this is a dangerous more “Fights”