Never get in a fight you can’t win. Never get in a fight to defend your “honor’ or ego or someone else’s. Never get in a fight you can avoid. The only situations in life I think I have ever been in a fight I couldn’t avoid was when I was in high school or younger and was forced to be next to the person I was fighting… this is a dangerous time.

You win fights before they ever begin by being in excellent physical shape and having trained for street fights. You should be in superb physical shape anyways at all times. Train regularly in combat sports that do not involve hits to your head (even light repeated hits build up over time into serious brain damage). You win fights by having a concealed weapons permit and carrying a pistol. The best way to win a fight is to never be in one to start with… if you are forced into a physical confrontation, you have already lost because you were stupid enough to allow yourself to stick around while something got out of control. If you are dating a girl who likes to scream at people or pick fights on your behalf, dump her immediately.

Just because you are a girl, DO NOT assume that a man or someone won’t fight you physically. Many people have no qualms about knocking a woman out and really hurting you. Do not scream at or insult or mock a guy. Even a weak man can easily knock out a strong woman. Never get in a physical altercation with a man or another woman. As a man, a woman (including your girlfriend) can seriously harm or kill you in a fight. Never go easy on a woman assaulting you. Win the fight. If it is a significant other, dump them immediately. Never stay with anyone who tries to physically hurt you…. Even if it is minor at first, it WILL escalate. I have never had a physical fight with a woman fortunately, but I have had to dump girlfriends who started to show signs they were abusive.

No matter how much you avoid it, you probably will be sucked into a fight. Humans are violent and fairly malevolent creatures at their core… we rose to the top of the food chain by being cunning, violent predators. People are not what you see in Disney movies or war movies or garbage like that. People are selfish, greedy, stupid, and very cruel.

Real fights are not like movie fights. A real fight is usually over in 3-20 seconds. If you are in a fight going longer than that, you already screwed up as you should have struck first and won. Escape the situation if you can. The longer a fight goes on, the more tired you will be and the more likely you will make a mistake that will get you hurt or killed. The longer a fight goes on, the more likely your enemy will have his friends jump in on his side against you.

Talk to your friends ahead of time – if a fight were to ever arise, they need to jump in immediately on your side without asking stupid questions like who is at fault. It doesn’t matter who is at fault – they need to help you save your life. Never be friends with morons who pick fights or look for fights. Those fight seeking morons may seem cool, but they will get you hurt or killed. They are very stupid as even if they win a majority of fights, it only takes one loss to get permanent brain damage or to die and lose the whole game of life instantly. Make sure all of your friends understand this – if they pick a fight, you will never be their friend again… if someone attacks them, you will fight on their behalf to help them get out of it. And they need to do the same for you.

If someone is starting to yell / get in your face / escalate… go immediately to 100% and try to destroy that person. Do not allow them to slowly escalate… the person who escalates to the highest level first wins. I have seen hundreds of knockout videos and it is usually the guy to throw the first serious punch that wins. Same thing applies to knife or gun fights… be the first mover if you have to do something.

There is no such thing as honor in a fight…. It is winner take all. Cheap shots, sucker punches, knee kicks, groin kicks, biting, fingernails in eyeballs, hair pulling, pulling shirt over someone’s head…. All of that is perfectly fine. Just make sure you win as fast as possible. If someone turns their back on you and walks away or acts as if they aren’t fighting anymore, that is the time to finish them.

Don’t talk at all while fighting… save your breath for winning. Whatever you do, do NOT listen to spectators egging you on or mocking you. Spectators are predators who want to see someone get hurt… and that someone may be you. Run away even if people make fun of you. Fight from a defensive hands up position dancing away even if they make fun of you for it. Winning or getting away are all that matter.

You should never drink or do drugs… but if you are stupid enough to do that and are at a bar or house party where people get in a fight or it seems like a too rowdy crowd…. Get out. Go home. Enormous numbers of people are killed or seriously hurt because they are drunk and stupid. If you are drinking, you are stupider, slower and weaker than you are sober.. Yet you are far more likely to get into a fight. It’s a horrible combination… get out.

There is absolutely no shame in simply running away. If you know you will have to repeatedly be around someone who is trying to fight you, destroy them first. Keep in mind no one “wins” a fight… even the winner often ends up with brain damage or jail time. You could accidentally kill someone and spend the rest of your life in prison. Before fights ever begin, make sure you know exactly how you will react to any scenario and practice practice practice. The only thing worth fighting for is your physical safety and life or that of your family. Our purpose in life ultimately is biological reproduction and if you or a loved one lose their life then you have lost at the highest level. Don’t get in a fight because someone stole your wallet or insulted you or whatever… get away if you can. Who cares about money or an insult. You will never know when your life is actually on the line in a fight… lots of people take a punch and fall backwards on concrete and hit their head and die.

That’s another rule…. Never fight on concrete. Move off concrete to grass or dirt or bark or anywhere softer. Remember – often when you get in a fight, the person who you are fighting will have friends who will sucker punch you or stab you from behind… keep your head on a swivel. Preferably run away if you can. If you are in a fight, don’t stick around after landing a punch or something… get out of there fast. You don’t want to be there when the cops come or the opponents friends realize he was in a fight. You never know what weapons or skills your opponent brings to a fight… you might be way taller and stronger and better trained, but if he has a knife you are dead. You may have a knife, but if he has a gun you are dead. You will never know going into a fight if your opponent might have snuck a gun or knife into school or church or the mall or wherever you are. So avoid fighting if at all possible. Never pick a fight with someone… don’t insult them or make fun of them even if you and your friends think it is funny. It won’t be funny if you get shot and killed. If you do have to fight, destroy the opponent as quickly as possible then escape.

Related – avoid joining the military if at all possible. Your life is the most precious thing on earth and is not worth sacrificing for anyone who is not family. You may join a local militia or something if your direct local home is threatened, but do not join a national military.

Police – You will almost never win a fight against the police… They have endless backup, lots of training, and better equipment. Never fight the police. If you have malicious police coming for you, hiding is your best option. Go deep in the woods or whatever. Same thing but 10x as strong goes for an invading foreign military… never go to a protest (those never do anything and are highly risky), never fight back unless you are with a strong militia (and even then that militia will likely be wiped out if an invader is in your land). Hide your food and supplies in various caches, and hide yourself and your family. Survival is the most important thing. The genes of every dead war “hero” died with him and a few days or years or centuries later, no one cared. Countless humans have died for an immense amount of “causes”… and the survivors passed their genes on and raised their children. Focus on survival.

Trick – if you are in school, you can often avoid more serious punishment for a fight by getting your opponent to agree after you are caught to claim that you were “playing” and are friends and were not actually fighting. Authorities may believe you and let you go, or may be uncertain and will reduce the punishment to a warning.

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Joel Gross

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