Politics & Economics

I think it takes a long time for politician’s policies to affect the economy. And policies that do affect the economy short term are usually like a kid eating sugar… might make them feel good for a few minutes, but makes them sick long term. Social security / Medicare made everyone feel good when it came out, but will harm our country eventually.
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Another Good Reason To Abolish Patents


Patents should be abolished period. For the benefits of the free market to actually go to consumers, the government should not be creating artificial monopolies and barriers to trade.

Every new idea is only a very tiny extension of the vast corpus of human knowledge that came before it. To claim ownership of an idea is obscene, especially since even very complex ideas like calculus usually occur to many people at the same time.… read more “Another Good Reason To Abolish Patents”


Police are never popular. Their job is to find and deal with bad people at their worst moments. The police deal with the violent and crazy people all day long, and naturally become very harsh and jaded because of that. The police are not nice, friendly, or polite. If they started the job that way, it would quickly be eliminated by the grind of police work.… read more “Police”

More Fake Fox News Reporting


The Fox News article linked here is purposefully extremely misleading to enrage Americans against each other. Chris Cuomo is a liberal who is a favorite attack target of Fox News. The Fox News link title on their homepage is “Chris Cuomo says White Kids Need to Die”. In reality, Cuomo said “for white parents to care about policing issue, white kids need to die”.… read more “More Fake Fox News Reporting”