An amputee with no legs or arms named Kyle Maynard recently fought in his first MMA bout. Kyle Maynard was a good high school wrestler with a record of 35-16 (how do you get an arm bar on a guy with no arms?!). Everyone keeps talking about how amazing this guy is, but how can you even put him in a weight class? I don’t get it. Also, everyone was booing his opponent for not fighting Maynard on the ground, but the whole point of MMA is to use any fighting technique you can to gain an advantage. I feel sorry for his opponent because he was in a no-win situation: you win and it is meaningless and you lose and you are a laughingstock.

Also here is an older video of him wrestling people:

Questions and Advice

Can I cook an omellette on my cars roof as I sit here in the sun?

Do city buses really save energy on a per person basis?

Why do sunglasses make my eyes feel funny when I take them off?

Why are some people so adverse to commenting on blogs, even anonymously?

Why can’t a web programming class be held via webex or some other form of webcast?

What is the conversion rate on rate on radio ads? Does it vary with broadcast content?

Blogging at 30 mph with a cop next to u is a bad idea.

Why aren’t taxi cab drivers better at driving?

When will my car run out of gas?

If u do a daily commute, quit.

Ignite Seattle- April 29th

I attended Ignite Seattle today and was amazed to find 575 like-minded geeks also there at the King Cat Theater. Cynthia and I have been regularly attending various tech & startup related events around Seattle, and I think that this was definitely one of the better ones. Ignite Seattle is now being held once a quarter and consists of a wide variety of 5 minute presentations on various topics ranging from heart attacks to knitting to chicken raising to ancient map reading. I was very entertained by most of the presentations, with my favorites being the ones on “The Psychology of Incompetence” by Ron Burk, “Community Genius: Leveraging Community to Increase your Creative Powers” by Shelly Farnham, and “Geek Girl – A life Story” by Maya Bisineer.

The presentations at Ignite Seattle were videotaped and I am hoping they are released soon on If they are, I will embed the best ones into this post so check back soon!

Chrysler Filing For Bankruptcy

Chrysler is supposed to be filing for bankruptcy either today or tomorrow. The company is no longer solvent and needs to attempt a Chapter 11 reorganization according to sources near Barack Obama. Apparently the US Treasury is offering $2.25 billion in taxpayer funds to have Chrysler’s lenders wipe out its $6.9 billion in secured debt.

Campaign Finance Reform BS

The whole concept of “campaign finance reform”- limiting cash contributions to political campaigns- is complete garbage. ‚ In a free country, I should be able to spend my money however I please. ‚ If I wish to get drunk daily and ride roller coasters, I should be allowed to do so. ‚ If I wish to try to help a candidate get elected by giving him money or effort, I should be allowed to do so.

Limiting my ability to spend my money on issues I care about is a direct attack on my freedom of speech. ‚ Many people are not very eloquent and so wish to throw their weight behind someone who is well spoken that believes like they do. ‚ It also makes it much more difficult for people who work a lot of hours to have influence on the political process- effectively leaving them much less represented than other groups.

Campaign finance reform is one of the major driving factors behind the socialization of America in recent years. ‚ Businesspeople, entrepreneurs and professionals have lost the ability to use their primary tool to defend their freedoms and it is now much easier to pass senseless regulations and special interest laws than it was before.

Two Party Political Systems

Two party political systems are where two major political parties dominate most elections. ‚ America has a two party system in which the Republicans and Democrats control all major and most minor policy decisions. ‚ There are alternate parties, but our system has been set up in such a way to purposely exclude them and make it extremely difficult for them to see any success. ‚ This artificial limitation of our freedom and choices available harms Americans. ‚ Imagine if legislation was put in place that said 99% of all hamburgers must be purchased from essentially McDonald’s and Burger King? ‚ All of the citizens who enjoyed Wendy’s, Dick’s or In-n-Out would be left unsatisfied. ‚ The principle of freedom of choice is obvious when it is applied to simple issues, but it works equally well when applied to big ones like politics. ‚ Let the people choose!

Toilet Talk

I settled down onto the toilet at work today, pulling out my iPhone and looking forward to some quiet reading when I heard some garbled noises coming from the next stall. ‚ “She needs some exercise… I’ve never seen her this fat… Let’s get her a treadmill or some laser toys… she does nothing but sit around and eat all day..” ‚ The guy next to me was talking on his phone about his daughter or his cat, not sure which, not that it matters. ‚

But who in hell talks on the phone while dropping a deuce in an office restroom?!?! I was almost tempted to peer over the divider and see who it was.

Personal Trainer

Today I worked out with a personal trainer for the first time. I thought it would be weird or creepy, but I actually had fun. I just signed up for the Bally’s in Bellevue and they give you a free session with a personal trainer. My guy was named Jared. He had me do a few tests and then went through a workout, showing me a bunch of good core exercises as well as a power lift I hadn’t tried before. I have a higher body fat percentage than I thought I did though- I am currently at 15.5% (215 lbs at 6’6”). That is in the “Fitness” category just bordering on “Athlete”. The chart is below:

My goal is to reach 8% bodyfat by August 1, 2009, though I will be happy with 10%.‚  Ultimately, I think I would like to be at 6% bodyfat… that will be hard to reach and maintain, but I can do it.