Questions and Advice

Can I cook an omellette on my cars roof as I sit here in the sun?

Do city buses really save energy on a per person basis?

Why do sunglasses make my eyes feel funny when I take them off?

Why are some people so adverse to commenting on blogs, even anonymously?

Why can’t a web programming class be held via webex or some other form of webcast?… read more “Questions and Advice”

Ignite Seattle- April 29th

I attended Ignite Seattle today and was amazed to find 575 like-minded geeks also there at the King Cat Theater. Cynthia and I have been regularly attending various tech & startup related events around Seattle, and I think that this was definitely one of the better ones. Ignite Seattle is now being held once a quarter and consists of a wide variety of 5 minute presentations on various topics ranging from heart attacks to knitting to chicken raising to ancient map reading.… read more “Ignite Seattle- April 29th”

Chrysler Filing For Bankruptcy

Chrysler is supposed to be filing for bankruptcy either today or tomorrow. The company is no longer solvent and needs to attempt a Chapter 11 reorganization according to sources near Barack Obama. Apparently the US Treasury is offering $2.25 billion in taxpayer funds to have Chrysler’s lenders wipe out its $6.9 billion in secured debt.

Campaign Finance Reform BS

The whole concept of “campaign finance reform”- limiting cash contributions to political campaigns- is complete garbage. ‚ In a free country, I should be able to spend my money however I please. ‚ If I wish to get drunk daily and ride roller coasters, I should be allowed to do so. ‚ If I wish to try to help a candidate get elected by giving him money or effort, I should be allowed to do so.… read more “Campaign Finance Reform BS”

Two Party Political Systems

Two party political systems are where two major political parties dominate most elections. ‚ America has a two party system in which the Republicans and Democrats control all major and most minor policy decisions. ‚ There are alternate parties, but our system has been set up in such a way to purposely exclude them and make it extremely difficult for them to see any success.… read more “Two Party Political Systems”

Toilet Talk

I settled down onto the toilet at work today, pulling out my iPhone and looking forward to some quiet reading when I heard some garbled noises coming from the next stall. ‚ “She needs some exercise… I’ve never seen her this fat… Let’s get her a treadmill or some laser toys… she does nothing but sit around and eat all day..”… read more “Toilet Talk”

Personal Trainer

Today I worked out with a personal trainer for the first time. I thought it would be weird or creepy, but I actually had fun. I just signed up for the Bally’s in Bellevue and they give you a free session with a personal trainer. My guy was named Jared. He had me do a few tests and then went through a workout, showing me a bunch of good core exercises as well as a power lift I hadn’t tried before.… read more “Personal Trainer”