Automakers Collapsing as Bankers Steal Billions

America’s core industrial base is being gutted by thieves on Wall Street.‚  Detroit is turning into a ghost town while big bankers on Wall Street who paid themselves billions of dollars in bonuses receive trillions more in government bailouts.‚  Unemployment is skyrocketing and blue collar Americans are getting shafted by the fat cats.‚  No one is watching out for our factory workers as they get robbed blind.… read more “Automakers Collapsing as Bankers Steal Billions”

Great Flag Football Goal Line Plays

The great flag football plays below were drawn up by one of my flag football teammates, Ry Robinson.‚  Below is his email and descriptions of the plays:

Cyclone – this play is designed to provide even spacing between receivers and keep people moving..‚  There should always be a receiver open or about to be open.‚  It will mostly come down to Ole looking for an open space and waiting for a receiver to enter it.
read more “Great Flag Football Goal Line Plays”

Monday Morning Monster

Came into work this morning feeling pretty good until I went to talk to a coworker about getting our banking details for a new merchant services account and got my head bit off. ‚ Didn’t make any sense: I have never really interacted with this person before and I was polite. ‚ Maybe her hubby divorced her or her cat died or she got abused as a child and she now feels the need to spread her misery.

Age Segmentation

Today’s world is unfortunately strongly segmented by age group.‚  Instead of the traditional tribe style family group where young and old are together all the time, the young stick together with their peers and older people move to retirement communities in Arizona and Florida or hide out with their friends in their home towns.‚  I think that this hurts both the young people who miss out on learning from the older generations experience and harms the old who only see sickness and death around them.‚ read more “Age Segmentation”

Swine Flu Spreading

A dangerous new strain of the flu that humans have no immunity to is rapidly spreading in Mexico.‚  All public events and schools in Mexico City have been shut down until further notice.‚  So far 81 people are dead and 1,324 have been infected.‚  Apparently children have some sort of defense against the swine flu that adults do not.‚ … read more “Swine Flu Spreading”

Publish Your Ideas!

People have these genius ideas all the time, then forget them. ‚ The real key is to publish them and share them and let them grow and meld with other peoples ideas and perhaps even inspire true greatness.

If you write something good, send it to me and I’ll post it either under your name or anonymously.… read more “Publish Your Ideas!”

Free Speech Cannot Survive Without Free Trade

Free speech, by its very nature, cannot survive without free trade. ‚ Think about it. ‚ If the government allocates goods and services, that means you you have no choice and must rely on the government to give you what you need to survive. ‚ One person or a small group of people will decide whether or not and how much food/shelter/medical care/transportation/vacation/etc to give you.… read more “Free Speech Cannot Survive Without Free Trade”

President Barack Obama’s Misdirection

A major news story in recent days has been that President Barack Obama called together his Cabinet and instructed them to find $100 million in budget cuts in the coming months. ‚ This has been heralded by many people as Obama getting “tough” and trying to solve the national debt crisis.

However, this $100 million is rarely compared to how much he is spending on bailouts and the stimulus plan… which is approaching $8 trillion dollars.… read more “President Barack Obama’s Misdirection”