Frida’s Dog Training

Frida just got back from dog training and she is much skinnier than when she left. She came back at about 16 pounds and when she left she was 19 pounds. This is the equivalent of a 190 pound person losing 30 pounds in 8 weeks… weird. I am surprised the trainers didn’t feed her a LOT more.

She is better trained now, but I am not sure I would send my next dog to a dog trainer like that. I think it is much healthier and happier for the dog to be trained by myself… plus I can make sure she is treated well.

Housing Prices 2013: Los Angeles vs Seattle vs Dallas

I have been thinking about buying residential property in Los Angeles or Seattle or Dallas. I just went and looked six places today (all condos and one rambler) in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the differences:

  • Los Angeles
    • Median price: $685,000
    • Median price per square foot: $407
    • Median sale price vs list price: 100.4% (wow!)
    • Average # of offers: 4.6
    • Average down payment: 27.8%
  • Dallas
    • Median price: $250,000
    • Average # of offers: 1.3
    • Median price per square foot: $133
    • Average down payment 16.5%
    • Median Sale vs List price 96.9%
  • Seattle
    • Median price: $475,000
    • Median price per square foot: $338
    • Median sale versus list price: 100.6%
    • Average # of offers 4.3
    • Average down payment 20%

8 Best Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys

Below are my 8 favorite Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys to use:

  1. Windows key + M minimizes everything on your desktop so you can see the background.
  2. Windows key + Shift + M restores all the windows you just minimized above (but not ones individually minimized beforehand).
  3. Windows key + E opens the windows explorer for quick access to files and folders on your computer.
  4. Windows key brings up your metro start screen along with quick search for applications and files.
  5. Windows key + L locks your computer so when you walk away your coworkers won’t install silly software.
  6. Alt + Tab cycles you through open windows.
  7. Windows + P  let’s you change your screen setup
  8. Windows + left or right arrow allows you to cycle through your windows quickly.

Hiring Slow, Firing Fast: Problems of this Strategy

I have been following the strategy of Hire Slow, Fire Fast when it comes to recruiting and have come to realize that there are a number of severe limitations to this strategy. Here are a few:

  1. If your company’s customer base is growing rapidly, your team of brilliant people can become overworked and demotivated because of it. Hiring more rapidly might be a good idea in these situations.
  2. Firing fast is much easier said than done. Once you’ve brought on a new team member, I feel a strong obligation to give this person every chance I can before firing them for underperformance. I try to help them with training, switching them to different types of tasks, and doing everything I can to help them succeed.
  3. Hiring slow will limit your growth. My capacity has pretty much been the biggest limitation of my business growth over the last year.

I will still follow the strategy of Hire Slow, Fire Fast… but there are some major disadvantages to it. Your thoughts?

Chase HSA Review – SCAM!!!

I have had a Chase HSA for a year and finally actually looked into what they’ve been doing. They charge me a $2.50 a month fee just for having an account (even though I have a high balance)! They also charged me a $20.00 processing fee for simply taking some of the money out! Chase HSA is a huge ripoff and I strongly recommend you not to use it! I have been waiting on the phone for 30 minutes now listening to Chase HSA’s garbage jazz music trying to talk to an account representative. Awful awful awful company.

Obama Administration Loses Again

Apparently to make a point about these sequestration cuts, the Obama administration has only two air traffic controllers working right now at Los Angeles International Airport. There are hundreds of flights and tens of thousands of people across America stuck on idling airplanes right now. The Obama administration made a giant mistake by making this a political football.

The Air Traffic Controllers union itself should probably be entirely replaced by computers too. What a waste of money to have so many people doing that job.

Obama Furloughs Air Traffic Controllers And Loses My Support

Obama furloughed air traffic controllers in a politically motivated move that has caused me to lose a great deal of respect for him. He should have made the cuts to social security or homeland security or TSA…. those are all massively bloated bureaucratic agencies. Cutting air traffic controllers will just mess up flights and piss off millions of people. Ridiculous. Up till now Obama seemed to be fairly reasonable and not as politically motivated in a lot of his actions, but this is an awful way to make a political statement.

Austin Texas General Observations

The last four days spent in Austin Texas have been very interesting and informative. I have learned quote a bit about the city. Here are a few tidbits:

1. People here drink a lot. Half of the city seems to come out to the bars on the weekends and almost everyone I saw as I walked around was drinking.

2. People are extremely friendly and nice. Maybe this relates to item number 1.

3. Austin is a trendy hip city… that tries hard to be a trendy hip city. I like it.

4. Austin is extremely business friendly.

5. Traffic is worse here than in Los Angeles- at least the west side of LA. Drivers have a lot of road rage.

6. Men seem to be three inches taller on average here than in Los Angeles and also quite a bit broader. Makes me feel shrimpy.

7. The cost of living is lower but it seems average wages are similar to Los Angeles leading to a higher general standard of living.

8. Food is much less healthy than Los Angeles but also is delicious. Seattle still probably has better food than both though.

9.  The weather is much more humid than Los Angeles, so even walking around on a 75 degree day gets your pants sticky with sweat.