Tornato7 wins comment of the year…

Here’s a thought experiment about a theoretical company that can obtain incredible valuation.
You start out with some money from friends and family, and you use this money to sell $100 bills for $50. Lots of takers.

Soon enough, you go to a VC and show them your revenue stream, and tell them with more capital you can make the margins much better.… read more “Tornato7 wins comment of the year…”

Intergenerational Wealth Transfers to Boomers

Two generations ago, 90% of Americans could expect to earn more than their parents. Today, that number is under 50%.


In 2008, during the Great Recession, Boomer politicians brought in massive bailouts for their friends and fellows in their generation. Instead of going bankrupt, many banks and companies were instead given money taken from future generations.… read more “Intergenerational Wealth Transfers to Boomers”

Former Patent Litigator Becomes Federal Judge And Begins Advertising For Patent Trolls To Come To His Court (And They Have In Droves) | Techdirt