A10 Warthog


I get why people are trying to save the A10.  It is a legendary aircraft that performed well for many years.

I also agree that the new F35 is a ridiculously expensive boondoggle of an aircraft.

But this plan to make a law keeping the A10 is harmful to us. So is trying to launch the idiotic F35. We are just trying to fight yesterday’s wars with ancient technology.

Our next enemy is going to use an armada of drones. Drones are far cheaper, far more maneuverable, far faster, and can carry a much heavier weapons load than any human powered aircraft. The human in a cockpit is obsolete and dangerous to our national security. We need to invest in a drone fleet capable of facing down another drone fleet successfully. Think a million mass produced drone aircraft.

Big Task To Start Each Day

The worst way to start a work day is by checking your email. Email sucks you in and takes your most productive hours from you while only allowing you to get low priority tasks completed.

A much more efficient way to do things is to figure out what you need to achieve the night before then start working on that right away in the morning. Check your email before lunch when your productivity is down.


Managing complexity is one of the greatest challenges developers and managers face. Developers face complexity in the form of having code that can grow difficult to understand, and managers face it in businesses that become hard to comprehend. The human mind is finite and can only hold so much in it at a given time.

Developers have a number of tools and best practices to try to help make code more understandable. These range from MVC frameworks to self-documenting code to abstracting away complexity.

Business managers deal with it by trying to track what is going on and break down responsibilities and assign them out in a comprehensive way.


Nevin had a sports themed bachelor party this weekend in Dallas and I came along. 26 guys had a giant sports tournament playing flag football, soccer, halo tourney, basketball, 4×400 relay, badminton, home run derby, and tennis.

We had a huge 117 acre estate in Dallas we stayed at with a main house, cabana, pool house, pool, and spa.

All of the guys were new to me, but I made a lot of new friends. Everyone seemed to be pretty great guys.

I won the 3 on 3 basketball tournament and was QB of the runner up in flag football. I got killed in all of the other sports lol.

Good break, I am ready to get back to work now.



Screen Time

I wake up and pull my phone off its charger and go through my morning routine of reading Hacker News, Nytimes, Facebook, occasionally playing a bit of Chess.com. I head into work and stand on my treadmill desk in front of my laptop and external monitor working all day. In the evening, I go home and read on my Kindle or play on my phone or occasionally watch a movie. I even check my emails at stoplights sometimes.

I spend 95% of my waking life staring at a screen. Even if I didn’t work, I would still spend that time in front of a screen. Screen time is an addiction that seems to have captured everyone I know. I’m not even sure that’s a bad thing. It just is.