A Million Joels

Imagine walking into a vast room, set up sort of like the Imperial Senate in Star Wars:

Image result for star wars senate

The room stretches away further than the eye can see. There are millions of seats surrounding the central podium in every direction, each occupied by someone staring down at the current speaker.

This is my philosophy. Every human being¬†changes a little bit every day, sometimes we change a lot.… read more “A Million Joels”


There is a very popular idea being pushed in America right now that success is really just being lucky. The idea claims that LeBron James was just lucky he has his genes… Not that he trained hard every day for a lifetime. The idea also claims a successful entrepreneur just got lucky to have perfect circumstances to lead to where they are.… read more “Luck”


Smartphones are incredibly addictive. I played a game with Laurel on the freeway when we went on a longer road trip a few weeks ago: Look in each car and see if the driver is on his phone.

Shockingly, probably 1 in every 3 drivers we saw driving on the freeway had their phone in one hand with the screen on and would check it frequently.… read more “Smartphones”

Why is it easier to comparison shop restaurants then doctors?

You are suffering from chest pains. You go to the ER and are told that you have advanced heart disease and that you need to find a doctor to help you. What do you do next?

There are not many options to help you research and find the best doctor. You can’t see a history of success, there are not great review sites, there is no trusted large brand.… read more “Why is it easier to comparison shop restaurants then doctors?”

Manchester by the Sea Movie

Laurel and I just watched Manchester by the Sea, a indie film about a troubled uncle and his nephew brought together after the brother / father dies.

I really like it and would recommend it. Laurel thought it was too depressing.