I had a good run this morning before work. I pushed myself and was able to do 4 miles at a 8:31 average pace. Heart rate according to my monitor peaked at 153, averaged 130.

My friend Ryan told me it is possible to push for a sustained mile pace of 6:00. He said that he used to be an 8:00 miler like me, but once on the treadmill tried to do splits at a higher speed.… read more “Running”

Joe’s Passing

I was devastated to see the news Joe has passed this morning. Joe always had a smile for everyone in the office. He was great at connecting with all of our team members, as well as our clients. 

I remember one day a few months ago I was afraid about some business issue. My fear was causing me to not spend the time I should have spent to work with people.… read more “Joe’s Passing”


Laurel and I tried to catch this gecko in our hotel room. Laurel tried to put the trash can over him but unfortunately half his body was on the edge and he died. Murder most foul!