South Spanaway

Back to South spanaway, the land of deleted and lifted diesel trucks, poverty, giant American flags that no longer mean patriotism and represent something darker, gun rights, a surprisingly high percentage of minorities, bad food but in huge quantities, anti-vaxxers, endless self-storage units, bikini baristas, unreliable people, mobile home parks with bars in the middle of them, diy, wider roads and open space properties.

The Great Myths of World War 2

Myth 1: The Allies (USA & Britain) won the war.
World War 2 in Europe was really a massive industrialized war between Russia and Germany. The US and Britain did not even join the fight until Russia had beaten Germany. D-Day was not launched until Russian armies had defeated Germany’s best armies and reconquered all of their territory.… read more “The Great Myths of World War 2”

Doctors Won’t Recommend Lifestyle Changes

I have never had a doctor recommend lifestyle treatments to me. They don’t make any money on those. I have osteoarthritis in my hip and multiple doctors recommended an immediate hip replacement. I did a ton of research and ended up on the anti-inflammatory index diet in combination with changing exercises from running and golf that put high impacts on my hip to cycling which does not.… read more “Doctors Won’t Recommend Lifestyle Changes”

Solution to Global Supply Shortages

I think we can summarize that the solution is to remove things that prevent the free market from functioning properly. Here are some additional ideas:

-Unions are good for representing workers in negotiations with private companies. Taxpayers do not have anyone to represent them in negotiations with public unions. Disallow unions in government jobs. Government already has enough corruption and inefficiency.… read more “Solution to Global Supply Shortages”

Abolish the limited liability company

The world needs to do away with the limited liability company. All of the problems we see with our corporations making evil decisions derived directly from the limited liability company. Investors should be personally liable for decisions companies they invest in make. You would see the quality of decision making and the ethics at all companies skyrocket.

Bitcoin, Crypto, and NFTs are a Ponzi Scheme

My response to a friend asking about Bitcoin.

I read hacker news quite a bit, and the general consensus among tech people is that crypto as it exists in most current forms is just a scam. There are crypto supporters, who generally are bordering on religious fanaticism, but they are a small minority.

The core issue is that crypto, like it’s retarded brother NFTs, has absolutely no underlying value.… read more “Bitcoin, Crypto, and NFTs are a Ponzi Scheme”