Tucker Carlson is a Traitor


Putin’s propaganda department internally insisted that an American news anchor be featured extremely heavily on Russian news stations due to his repeating Putin’s points… Who was it? The traitor Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson, even when Putin has invaded a free democracy, continues to praise Putin and tries to make Putin seem to be not a bad guy.… read more “Tucker Carlson is a Traitor”

Putin Is About To Win

Putin is going to shut off Europe’s gas this weekend. Unless Europe immediately declares war on Russia and invades, Putin will win because they will be forced to capitulate shortly. He is also conscripting 134,000 new soldiers that will more than make up for his losses so far. All of the Arab oil dictators are siding with Putin and not increasing production.… read more “Putin Is About To Win”

What if Putin Didn’t Miscalculate?


I agree with this analysis. I think it is very foolish to give in to a bully out of fear. The United States needs to clearly tell Putin that if he uses nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons that we will turn everything in Russia to ash. Tell him we are allowing all of Ukraine, including Crimea, to join NATO.… read more “What if Putin Didn’t Miscalculate?”

New Supply Chain Risk: 22,000 Dockworkers Who May Soon Strike


The dockworkers union ILWU needs to be dissolved. It has no counterparty to negotiate against, but steals from the taxpayer. Further, all of these jobs can be done better and faster and cheaper by a non union workforce.

Talking to a friend about drinking

I am glad to hear you accomplished a month and are working on another one now! You should be really proud of yourself for that! Most people will never even admit alcohol is a problem despite medical science firmly showing now that even one drink harms and shortens your life. If you do have drinks, don’t give up.… read more “Talking to a friend about drinking”


And you can’t do anything about it. The problem with government agencies is that they can have the absolute worst customer service and they have zero accountability to anyone. Government agencies should be limited in size, and limited in lifespan (like 7 years) before they dissolve. Government agencies almost never perform as intended originally and are slow and no one ever fires the bad employees and no one has power to improve the agency itself.