Energy Drink Foolishness

On my final day of the workweek yesterday I was feeling great. My client presentation in Lake City went off perfectly and I was able to even talk to the owner a little bit about how he started and operated his business, which is very similar conceptually to my digital gauges website. After work, I went to Imo Sushi with Nick and Brian where we had a good conversation and a vigorous debate on religion.… read more “Energy Drink Foolishness”

Generic Idiocy in Markets

I am sick and tired of hearing the same generic stupidity repeated over and over again about the markets.

  • “Housing prices will always go up”
  • “The stock market will always go up in the long run.”
  • “Houses are the best investment you can have”
  • “Bonds/CDs are the safest investments”

All of these statements are not bad ideas, however they are NOT absolute principles.‚ … read more “Generic Idiocy in Markets”

Rock Star Joel

I am extraordinarily talented at many things in life, from writing great blog posts to drawing purple dragons to creeping people out.‚  One area that I have been sadly lacking experience in though is in the musical realm.‚  My dad once tried to get me to play the trumpet in fifth grade, but I never learned to make anything other than a dying screech.‚ … read more “Rock Star Joel”

Interview of Peter Pan Man (Randy Constan)

Previously, I wrote a post about Randy Constan aka Peter Pan Man and announced that he was kind enough to allow me to interview him for my website.‚  Below is the interview:

Joel: What do you do on a daily basis? Are you employed or do you participate in other activities?
Randy Constan (Peter Pan Man): I’ve always been in high tech.… read more “Interview of Peter Pan Man (Randy Constan)”

Find Web hosting Information: Web hosting Reviews and Ratings

Many people find that the internet offers a way for them to enjoy new friendships, start new businesses and keep in contact with family members. To do this they will design websites or build blog sites, these online devices are ways to reach many people quickly from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. To get your website onto the World Wide Web, you must first find a hosting company.… read more “Find Web hosting Information: Web hosting Reviews and Ratings”

Best Reviews of Service Providers

When you are looking for high quality service providers, there is no place better to find them than Angie’s List,
they offer service provider reviews for contractors, health care providers and service companies. By finding out about the service providers ratings you will be able to find out who does the best work at the best prices and how their customers felt about that particular job.… read more “Best Reviews of Service Providers”