Sorely Mistaken

I owe my readers a big apology.‚  Recently, I wrote a blog post on how I thought “People Are Fading“.‚  Rarely have I been so sorely mistaken in one of my theories.‚  The very first line “Relationships with people have been one of the primary sources of joy in my life” was absolutely true.‚  Most of the rest of the post is garbage. I basically started to feel that I would be more productive if I spent less time with most people and cut some people out of my life.‚  You would think that someone who spends much of their day at work studying social interactions via a variety of social media would not make such a colossal error, but I did.

After a few weeks of living my life partially cut off from many of my friends and associates, my theory spiraled out of control.‚  Human need a certain amount of social interaction in order to be healthy, and I was avoiding my base of friends.‚  Instead of spending some time with many people and maintaining a healthy balance, I started to lean unhealthily on a few.‚  I ended up harming a few relationships in my life.‚  Fortunately, after a couple of days of awkward feelings of dependence and desperation, I figured out what a huge mistake I had made and moved to rectify it quickly.‚  Thank you especially to my friends Trent, Plato, Nick, Rachelle, Lori, Brian, Melanie and the others helped me regain my balance.‚  I am a very confident person, but occasionally I become too confident in my own strength and think I can the whole world on.‚  No man is an island and people need to maintain very strong social ties with the world around them in order to be mentally healthy.

To all of my readers, I apologize for advocating such an erroneous and misleading theory that I had not fully tested myself.‚  I use my blog almost like a diary sometimes and everything I write is stream of conscious- whatever I am thinking about at the time.‚  Please keep that in mind and also realize that sometimes I pick the devil’s advocate position on many topics to entertain myself.‚  As with anything you read, use your own best judgment to determine what the truth is.

Finally, if there was anyone who was hurt by me testing my retarded theory, I sincerely apologize to you.‚  I did not mean to do any harm, my mistake was made with the best intentions of trying to make myself a better person.

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Joel Gross

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