People Are Fading

The post below is incorrect.‚  My official retraction letter and apology can be read here “Sorely Mistaken“.

Relationships with people have been one of the primary sources of joy in my life.‚  The people have begun to fade in importance to me though of late.‚  I am becoming more and more focused on my goals and have lost a lot of interest in people I used to really enjoy talking with.‚  Just hanging out seems pointless.‚  Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot and had some amazing experiences with people, but now I just feel like continuing to do that would be a waste of my time.‚  There are a few exceptions to this: family who I have a sense of responsibility for, Trent who has enlightening conversations with me, and certain select others.

It’s just time to move on.

Partying is boring.‚  Television makes me queasy.‚  Idle chit chat is useless.

If I don’t take advantage of my life right now, it will pass me by.‚  My image of hell is waking up in ten years and realizing that my life is still the same.‚  I am happier than I have ever been, but that is partially because I still have so many doors open to me and I have begun to taste the life I only had a vague dream of before.‚  If I get stuck I will hate myself.‚  People are fading from my view because my priorities have changed.‚  I have slowly been improving my life since I was 14, but momentum has begun to pick up faster and faster and I am trying to block out distractions.‚  If I am not learning from someone anymore, if a relationship gets stuck in a rut, or if I’m being held back I simply stop caring to continue to put effort into it.

Maybe I sound calloused, but that is not my intention.‚  I will not give up my friends and those I care about, but merely put relationships on hold.‚  I guess though that there are a lot of people that I feel I could do without too… but I already haven’t talked to them in many months.‚  For the rest of you, if you aren’t family or you aren’t building and growing with me, don’t be offended when I put you on hold.‚  Everyone will live their lives as they please and I am not judging your choices, I am simply making mine.‚  We can pick up where we left off later if we wish.

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