CrossFit Open: Round 1 of 5

Every Friday for 5 weeks I am in a global Crossfit competition.  Today the workout was as many burpees as possible in 7 minutes.  I managed to do 77, which put me right at 6311 out of 7300 competitors.  Pretty sad.  The current global leader did 158.  Burpees are my worst exercise – a burpee is basically laying flat on the floor, standing up and jumping 6 inches in the air then laying back down – that’s one rep. Here’s a video of a burpee:

Shopify Vs BigCommerce Vs Magento Vs NetSuite- Ecommerce Review

The Goods on the best shopping cart:

I know you are all here for one primary reason: to find out what the best shopping cart is!  Well without further delay, here is the list as it stands now:

  1. BigCommerce – Extremely easy setup, full design customization, rapid dev, best SEO, great support in Austin
  2. Magento CE – Fully programming access, stable core, good plugins
  3. Shopify – Overpriced, lesser version of BigCommerce
  4. Volusion – Getting better, but important features are still lacking
  5. ZenCart – Full of security holes, but you can custom program anything
  6. NetSuite – Massively overpriced
  7. Magento Go – New platform.  You can’t custom design it very well yet.
  8. 3D Cart – Hokey at best
  9. Yahoo Merchant – Bad solution that locks you into their platform
  10. X-Cart – Overpriced, underdelivers on features & integrations
  11. Prostores – who? 😉 Don’t waste your time even clicking that link.
  12. WordPress plugins/ customizations

Who am I to recommend a shopping cart platform?

Shopping carts & ecommerceI am a web designer & developer who owns a company of 16 full time designers & programmers who focus almost exclusively on ecommerce shopping cart development and marketing.  In the last six months my company, Coalition Technologies, has built over 140 ecommerce shopping carts on a wide variety of platforms.  We have built sites on BigCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, Magento Go, Shopify, NOPCommerce, NetSuite, OSCommerce, OpenCart, Amazon Webstore, Yahoo Store, WordPress as well as completely custom programmed shopping carts.Shopify web designer

Coalition is a certified Google partner, certified Magento Go Partner, certified Shopify partner, and certified BigCommerce partner.

Coalition does high end web design & search engine optimization work for ecommerce sites ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies with tens of millions of dollars in monthly revenue.

Why did I choose to publish a full ecommerce review?

My primary goal is to help save everyone out there researching what platform they want to use a LOT of HEARTACHE & PAIN that I have had to go through.  In order to accomulate the knowledge and experience you see below in this post, I had to build dozens of websites on shoddy platforms that made my life not very fun.  My own ecommerce website, Digital Auto Gauges, has languished on ZenCart, OScommerce, and Shopify before I brought it to BigCommerce.

I also want to encourage weak shopping cart platforms to get better quickly.  We primarily develop on BigCommerce and Magento, but it would be great if some new competitors came along or other players stepped up their game.

Shopify Vs BigCommerce Vs Magento

Bigcommerce Shopping CartI will start my analysis with a direct comparison of the three best shopping cart competitors.  BigCommerce and Shopify are hosted solutions, meaning that they provide hosting & SSL certificates themselves.  Magento CE is just a software download that you can install on any hosting environment of your choice.

Shopify Competitors in shopping cartsShopify uses its own programming language called Liquid, which is one of its biggest drawbacks.  Why in the world would Shopify write it’s own programming language when there are so many great programming language they could have put out there already?  Doesn’t make much sense to me.  BigCommerce has the huge benefit of simply using HTML/CSS/Javascript along with their local & global variables that can be called with a Magento CE Shopping Cart Competitorssimple tag like %%GLOBAL_EMAIL%%.  Much simpler, right?  Magento CE is great because it is built for developers & designers to customize in any way that they please.  Magento CE is much slower running than BigCommerce or Shopify because most developers don’t know how to set up the hosting environment for maximum speeds and it’s PHP code is a bit slower than what Shopify & BigCommerce have been able to figure out for themselves anyways.

What is the best shopping cart? BIGCOMMERCE

Do you need a great web designer/developer for your shopping cart?

Call my team and I at Coalition Technologies at 888.800.9101. We have a 90 day guarantee after your website goes live that anything that is broken (and within scope) will be fixed by us for free.  Our team has extensive experience in driving traffic to ecommerce sites through SEO, PR and other online marketing work and can make sure that not only is your website built extremely well, but it will drive traffic & convert visitors into sales.

A few of Coalition’s recent ecommerce website designs:

Volusion competitors review

Yahoo Merchant Cart Competitors Review

Prostores Competitors Review

BigCommerce vs Magneto vs Volusion

Los Angeles Commercial Video Production Company

Coalition Technologies is interviewing a variety of commercial video production companies and today we met with Sunnyland Pictures.  Sunnyland is based in Los Angeles and headed up by an intelligent young woman named Katie and a well spoken Londoner named Kaspian.  I was impressed by their knowledge and previous experience helping businesses build great commercials that trigger emotional responses in prospective customers.

Here is their introductory commercial that they made for themselves:

Why Use Video? from Sunnyland Pictures on Vimeo.

For more information on commercial video production in Los Angeles, CA call 888.800.9101

Pricing & service information below:
Los Angeles Video Production Company - Commercials


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What is evil?

I am beginning to think it is simple disregard for others. I was talking to a friend recently and we were discussing that our asshole humor was not understood by others, but that we were still genuinely nice guys inside. Then i realized that my “kidding” style when used by other people to me made me hate them. Finally I came to the conclusion that many times I have unintentionally been a bully.

I think much evil and cruelty in the world might simply be traced back to a disregard for others. Streaming Super Bowl Run by Clowns

The same three crappy commercials repeated over and over. I watched those three commercials so often I now hate everything about the companies that ran them. Halftime show was two no-names saying obvious remarks “in the belly of Lucas Field”. Really poorly done. Shockingly bad considering this is the biggest television event of the year.