Advice For Yosemite Mountaineering School – Rock Climbing Guides

My wife and I are visiting Yosemite for a week with my cousin Jimmy. Prior to coming here, I decided I wanted to do some rock climbing in what is known as the Mecca of climbing. My wife and cousin are not climbers and none of my other climber friends were coming. I thought about walking over to Camp 4 and making some friends, but thought that I wouldn’t have enough time for that and also wouldn’t know how safe the climbers I joined up with would be.… read more “Advice For Yosemite Mountaineering School – Rock Climbing Guides”

Private Equity Destroys Companies and Industries

Private Equity firms are a serious drain on our country. Most operate by trying to hack our free market system. They either saddle companies with huge debts while stealing all the cash (Toys R Us), or they try to build monopolies by rolling up all the companies in an industry. Private Equity hurts the customers and the employees of these businesses as they attempt to enrich themselves.

Global Government Needed

I strongly believe we need a global government for several reasons:

  1. Every major company and government is working on building artificial intelligence to gain an advantage over other people… but superintelligent AI will have vast advantages over our species and could result in our extinction. We need a global government to regulate and protect against this possibility as I believe it will happen in the next five years.
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I recently promoted a new President to run operations at Coalition and also a Director of Marketing to lead our marketing team. I am hopeful that these two will free up my time to work on improving the structure of the company (processes, checklists, software, etc).