Abortion Debate with Plato

Plato and I had a discussion on Monday at dinner on abortion and I made a podcast where I talked about it. I received an email further carrying out our debate and have posted it below to get other feedback. What do you guys think?

NOTICE: This represents an attempt to justify abortion from a purely societal standpoint and does not address the possibility of a higher morality or God which would by necessity change the entire nature of this discussion.… read more “Abortion Debate with Plato”

Mercedes Benz GL450

The Mercedes Benz Gl450 is a beautiful automobile. Mercedes Benz has come out with a full-size sport utility vehicle that is a late entry to the market, but with good reason: they spent a lot of time perfecting the Mercedes Benz GL450. Mercedes Benz GL450 As an SUV minded person myself, I can appreciate the beauty of the 2008 Mercedes Benz GL450 in all of it’s power and glory.… read more “Mercedes Benz GL450”

DeMotivational Posters | Motivation Posters & Pictures

Super funny update: I found this extremely cheap book on Amazon with TONS of demotivational posters. Take a look at it!

I’m sure some of you have seen some of the demotivational posters floating around the internet, but I love them so I brought together a collection of some of the better de-motivational posters that I have been able to spot.… read more “DeMotivational Posters | Motivation Posters & Pictures”

Root Canal & Insurance

My orthodontist, Dr. William J Harris in Tacoma, did a root canal on me a little over a year ago. The root canal has some sort of problem and has become infected, so Dr. Harris sent me to a specialist named Dr. Tim Bachman who has an office in Fremont. Dr. Bachman looked at it this morning and said that it hasn’t healed and has some sort of infection that needs work.… read more “Root Canal & Insurance”

Best Beer Cheers and Drunk Toasts

Super Funny UPDATE: Check out this very cheap book on Amazon with 1,500 Toasts

Funny beer toasts and drunk cheers can really break the ice at a party. Many people though are not good at delivering these hilarious drunk speeches and need a bit of advice. I recommend that you be confident, speak loudly and clearly and have a drink in your hand ready to go.… read more “Best Beer Cheers and Drunk Toasts”

Top Rules for Dudes: “Dudiquette”

1. Cat or small dog ownership has been banned was banned by the Dude Convention of 1837. Any person who places dog in articles of clothing must be informed of their abusive, negligent and inhumane behavior immediately.Dog wearing skirt

2. If a friend is attacked by more than one person, a very large person, or is too intoxicated to defend himself, you are required to jump in on his side.… read more “Top Rules for Dudes: “Dudiquette””