Mercedes Benz GL450

The Mercedes Benz Gl450 is a beautiful automobile. Mercedes Benz has come out with a full-size sport utility vehicle that is a late entry to the market, but with good reason: they spent a lot of time perfecting the Mercedes Benz GL450. Mercedes Benz GL450 As an SUV minded person myself, I can appreciate the beauty of the 2008 Mercedes Benz GL450 in all of it’s power and glory.… read more “Mercedes Benz GL450”

DeMotivational Posters | Motivation Posters & Pictures

Super funny update: I found this extremely cheap book on Amazon with TONS of demotivational posters. Take a look at it!

I’m sure some of you have seen some of the demotivational posters floating around the internet, but I love them so I brought together a collection of some of the better de-motivational posters that I have been able to spot.… read more “DeMotivational Posters | Motivation Posters & Pictures”

Root Canal & Insurance

My orthodontist, Dr. William J Harris in Tacoma, did a root canal on me a little over a year ago. The root canal has some sort of problem and has become infected, so Dr. Harris sent me to a specialist named Dr. Tim Bachman who has an office in Fremont. Dr. Bachman looked at it this morning and said that it hasn’t healed and has some sort of infection that needs work.… read more “Root Canal & Insurance”

Ben Althouse

Ben Althouse is standing right beside me now. Ben has a nice big drink of negroni in his hand. I saw his website and it was pretty. Ben Althouse will not get any links from me in this post though, cuz I am a selfish attention snatcher.

Nah, Ben Althouse is actually a pretty good guy who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus; big flowing mane and beard.… read more “Ben Althouse”

Market Crash Probably Coming Soon

More and more people are getting edgy about the markets. What started out as the “subprime lending crisis” is turning out to be only the tip of the iceberg, just as I have been saying for years. Top bankers on Wall Street are no longer willing to lend out new capital at ANY interest rate. The big investment firms are doing the analysis and finding that their testicles are frozen.… read more “Market Crash Probably Coming Soon”

Juno Movie Review

After watching my first lunar eclipse tonight from the roof of my apartment building, I went with Nick Fitzer and his roommate Nick something-or-other to watch Juno. Many friends, including Plato and Jordan, told me that Juno was an excellent movie and so I have been anxious to see it for some time.

Plato Juno Movie Reviewrepeatedly told me to take a date, but I grew impatient of waiting and I had a gift card to AMC burning a hole in my pocket.… read more “Juno Movie Review”