Los Angeles Magento Developers and Programmers

Magento is an extremely powerful shopping cart platform, and if you use it for your business, you have probably already seen how it can improve not only your sales, but also the ease with which you can manage day-to-day operations. But are you ready to take your Magento experience to the next level? As the founder a successful design and development firm, I have seen time and again how custom development can take a good Magento website and make it truly great.… read more “Los Angeles Magento Developers and Programmers”

Interview of Peter Pan Man (Randy Constan)

Previously, I wrote a post about Randy Constan aka Peter Pan Man and announced that he was kind enough to allow me to interview him for my website.‚  Below is the interview:

Joel: What do you do on a daily basis? Are you employed or do you participate in other activities?
Randy Constan (Peter Pan Man): I’ve always been in high tech.… read more “Interview of Peter Pan Man (Randy Constan)”

Becky Conran Interview: Brain Tumor, Brain Surgery & Recovery

An old friend, Rebecca (Becky) conran, who lived with me in the frat house during the only summer I spent there recently got back in contact with me via facebook. Becky shocked me when she informed me that she had undergone brain surgery for a tumor after that summer. She was kind enough to allow me to share our conversation with the rest of you.‚ … read more “Becky Conran Interview: Brain Tumor, Brain Surgery & Recovery”

Victoria Osteen, Wife of Joel Osteen, Allegedly Assaulted Flight Attendant

Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen’s wife, Victoria Osteen, is accused of assaulting a Continental Airlines flight attendant named Sharon Brown on a flight from Houston to Vail, Colorado. Sharon Brown alleges that Victoria Osteen became incensed by a stain on her first class seat and threw her into a bathroom door and elbowed her in the left breast.… read more “Victoria Osteen, Wife of Joel Osteen, Allegedly Assaulted Flight Attendant”

TheDirty.com Attacks Robinett Twins

TheDirty.com is an immensely popular blog (see traffic numbers at bottom of this post) that talks trash about everyone, but mostly focuses on people with ridiculous MySpace profiles and overblown self images. I have TheDirty.com set up in my Google Reader along with a couple dozen other sites for regular reading (TechCrunch.com, MattCutts.com, SearchEngineWatch.com, etc are there).… read more “TheDirty.com Attacks Robinett Twins”

Pastor John Hagee – Cornerstone Church Ministry, Heresy, Divorce & Dirty Deeds

All hurricanes are acts of God because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God and they were recipients of the judgment of God for that.” – John Hagee

Super funny update – John Hagee has hilariously bad books ranging from Doomsday predictions to dating books
to the Financial Armageddon
(he was wrong). 
read more “Pastor John Hagee – Cornerstone Church Ministry, Heresy, Divorce & Dirty Deeds”

Interviewing The Senate Band

The Senate is a hot upcoming Seattle band that has been together for several years now and have built up a rabid fan base, including many of my own friends. Two members of the band, Andrew Pulkabrek and Oliver Franklin, were kind enough to allow me to interview them for my blog. I recommend visiting their Myspace page in a new tab or window and listen to their music while you read the interview!… read more “Interviewing The Senate Band”

Ben Althouse

Ben Althouse is standing right beside me now. Ben has a nice big drink of negroni in his hand. I saw his website and it was pretty. Ben Althouse will not get any links from me in this post though, cuz I am a selfish attention snatcher.

Nah, Ben Althouse is actually a pretty good guy who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus; big flowing mane and beard.… read more “Ben Althouse”