Trent’s New Duds

My friend Trent just purchased a beautiful 2000 Audi TT MK1 with turbo and 230 HP. Trent will now be cruising in a gorgeous car with 18” rims, tight suspension and great handling. Pictures of Trent’s new ride are below.

Jeremy Nunnally New car

Trent is a very, very lucky man. Mmm… What a sweet car.

Audi For Jeremy Nunnally

I. Want. One.

And I will kill to get it.… read more “Trent’s New Duds”

Jeremy and I’s conversation on poor fathers

Jeremy: my dad used me to pick up my step mom

a waitress at a local restaurant

me: hahahaha

Jeremy: I’ve heard the story a few times

me: really?

Jeremy: he used me as bait, and it worked


me: what’d he do?

Jeremy: true story

me: nice

Jeremy: toted me around town, my cute chubby 5 y/o self was kind of a little feisty and attracted them in like bees to honey

I remember my dad’s first date with my stepmom

me: yeah?read more “Jeremy and I’s conversation on poor fathers”

The Peak of Narcissism

A dear friend mentioned to me earlier this evening that I should write a blog “on the idea, or possibility that blogs are a symptom of our generation (the “me generation”)’s delusion that we are all interesting enough – great enough, etc. – to be chronicled, and read.” In response to such an interesting query, I decided to have three facets of the diamond that is me reply; my logical side, my romantic side and my meatheaded side.… read more “The Peak of Narcissism”

Profile on President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush’s administration of our government since 2000 has been shameful. Bush has wrecked our government with his incompetence. Bush claims to be a Republican, but has shown himself to be much more of a Christian Democrat. The supposed hallmarks of Republican theory hold that the government should be small, spend little and regulate sparingly.… read more “Profile on President George W. Bush”

Happy Birthday Joshua Gross!

Today was my little brother Josh’s birthday party at my mom’s house, so I went down and hung out with him. He’s a stellar stud. Josh just turned 14 and he’s already over 6′ tall and damned big. I was about that height at his age, but I was bony. He’s pretty skinny too, but he has a big frame with broad shoulders and if he’s fed properly and starts lifting, he will be a beast.… read more “Happy Birthday Joshua Gross!”

Negative Marketing Campaigns

What is a negative public relations campaign? It’s the attack ads typically used by politicians ripping on their opponents. Negative marketing is Pepsi advertising that it’s products taste better than Coke’s in blind taste tests. It’s the propaganda nations use when trying to change the mindset of either its own populace or the populace of a target nation.… read more “Negative Marketing Campaigns”

Lia Shiala Interview

Lia is named after Lia Point. Yes, I know you were asking that question.

Lia is currently on drugs and does not feel clever, so please forgive her in advance.

Lia is a 20 year old 5th year senior at the University of Washington. She got in at the ripe young age of 16 years old, which is also the age of consent in the state of Washington.… read more “Lia Shiala Interview”