Allena Ward

Allena Ward is a now former middle school teacher who received 6 years in prison for having sexual encounters with 5 male students. After pleading guilty last September to 3 counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and 3 lewd acts on a minor, Allena WardAllena Ward will unfortunately never teach again. Why do I say unfortunate?… read more “Allena Ward”

Black Rooster Interview: The Frat Year

Black Rooster says:


Black Rooster says:

let’s get it on

Joel says:

How did the nickname the Black Rooster come into being?

Black Rooster says:

I think it started in the frat and if I’m correct we came up with it together

Joel says:

i believe so

Joel says:

i think i added the black part

Joel says:

you came up with the rooster

Joel says:

but what was the story behind it?read more “Black Rooster Interview: The Frat Year”

Black Rooster Interview Part Deuce

The Black Rooster is a legend and there will be more interviews of the infamous man soon.


Joel says:

Tell me a ridiculous story from the last few months

Black Rooster says:

k let me think

Black Rooster says:

oh ok…I guess I can tell you about the time when me, my brother and our friend Alex went to Spain

Black Rooster says:

So basically the three of us went to Spain to stay at Alex’s summer more “Black Rooster Interview Part Deuce”

Trent’s New Duds

My friend Trent just purchased a beautiful 2000 Audi TT MK1 with turbo and 230 HP. Trent will now be cruising in a gorgeous car with 18” rims, tight suspension and great handling. Pictures of Trent’s new ride are below.

Jeremy Nunnally New car

Trent is a very, very lucky man. Mmm… What a sweet car.

Audi For Jeremy Nunnally

I. Want. One.

And I will kill to get it.… read more “Trent’s New Duds”

Jeremy and I’s conversation on poor fathers

Jeremy: my dad used me to pick up my step mom

a waitress at a local restaurant

me: hahahaha

Jeremy: I’ve heard the story a few times

me: really?

Jeremy: he used me as bait, and it worked


me: what’d he do?

Jeremy: true story

me: nice

Jeremy: toted me around town, my cute chubby 5 y/o self was kind of a little feisty and attracted them in like bees to honey

I remember my dad’s first date with my stepmom

me: yeah?read more “Jeremy and I’s conversation on poor fathers”