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President George W. Bush’s administration of our government since 2000 has been shameful. Bush has wrecked our government with his incompetence. Bush claims to be a Republican, but has shown himself to be much more of a Christian Democrat. The supposed hallmarks of Republican theory hold that the government should be small, spend little and regulate sparingly. Instead, Bush has increased spending more than almost any President in the last 40 years; he has increased real spending by 5.6% per year and spending by almost 50% in nominal terms. He has increased spending almost 4x as fast as Clinton did- and Clinton was no miser. Even long-time Republican financial wizard, Alan Greenspan, has come out publicly against the Bush Administration and the former Republican majorities fiscal policies.

Bush’s foreign policies have also been miserable failures. North Korea and Iran are both still rapidly closing in on obtaining nuclear weapons and all President Bush’s posturing has merely made them take a hard-line stance against us. Iraq has obviously been a massive failure and Bush knows it. He recently declared the troop surge in Iraq a “victory” and is going to start withdrawing American soldiers soon. Bush is a complete ass. Declaring “victory” and retreating does not fool anyone. Iraq has turned into a miserable failure and it is Bush’s fault. His mismanagement of the war has led to the deaths of many Americans and even more Iraqis.

Bush has also pushed through radical harmful changes to the way our government is structured. He has blurred the line between church and state by making religious groups much more involved in the government and by regularly listening to the advice of such persons as Pat Robertson. His administration fired 92 federal prosecutors for political reasons such as prosecuting a Republican or not taking down a Democrat as he wanted. Bush has established the Jabba the Hut sized Department of Homeland Defense that is massively inefficient and full of red tape in all the wrong places.

President Bush has been one of the worst Presidents in history. He has succeeded neither in pushing the basic tenets of Republican beliefs or in his foreign policy initiatives.

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