Dog Lookalikes

People who look like their dogs are very amusing to me for some strange reason. Why would you buy a dog that you looked like? Do you want people to think of you as a dog? Your girlfriend to picture a dog when she’s making pups with you? Anyways, dog look-a-likes are pretty funny. I have a few pictures of these people below. Also, have you ever noticed people’s dogs and cats take on their personalities a little bit? You can tell a lot about a person by looking and playing with their animal.

Person who looks like their dog

Man who has a dog lookalike

Another man with a look-a-like dog

Skinny man looks like dog

Man looks like his spaniel dog

Woman who appears like her dog

I have known tons of dog owners through my life and I am always amused to find that people’s personalities become reflected back to them in their pets, probably because the pets never spend time with anyone else. I know a desperate girl who’s dog constantly whines and begs for attention, just like her. Or a guy who’s dog is super friendly. Or another girl who’s dog looks like her and is a little bisnitch just like her lol. Does anyone have any stories of dogs that looked or acted like their owners?

Kissing Your Dog

Female kisses dog

People that kiss their dogs or cats disgust me. Kissing cats and dogs is an activity that is socially acceptable, but really should not be. In our modern society of good hygiene and sound medical practices, it blows me away every time I see a friend (usually female) bend down to kiss a pet.

Dumb girl kisses her dog

Before you crazy girls all start screaming, “BUT I LOVE FLUFFY/PRINCESS/CHEESY!”, let’s think about this in objective terms. It is unclean to put your mouth on an animals lips and tongue that has never brushed its teeth, probably has diseases, eats it’s own poop and vomit on a regular basis, and it makes me sick whenever I see it.

Dog eats poop

I can’t tell you how many disgusting things I’ve seen dogs and cats eat. Dogs eat anything they can find and consider it a great feast when they come across a pile of dung from another creature or even their own. Half the time they end up vomiting up whatever it is they just ate shortly thereafter and proceed to eat it right back up. Dogs are dumb, disgusting animals and allowing one to put it’s disease ridden tongue and face on yours is one of the nastiest things you can do. It’s probably cleaner to eat your own poop than to kiss a dog or cat.

Big dog chows poop

SuperBowl Sunday: Undefeated New England Patriots vs. Upstart New York Giants

The SuperBowl is on Sunday and fans all across the world are planning SuperBowl parties. Nick Fitzer invited me to his friends party at a bar the guy’s dad owns in Tacoma. I am thinking I will probably do that so I can visit my brothers or grandparents while I’m down there. The SuperBowl is featuring the New England Patriots against the New York Giants this year and my money is on the Patriots because they have not been beaten this once this season. However, I think the odds are better for the Giants than most people think. My personal estimation is that the Patriots have a 80% chance of victory. What do you guys think? Anyone else have any special plans for the SuperBowl?

What does the matchup in the SuperBowl look like this year?

New England Patriots- The New England Patriots have an opportunity to go down as the best team in NFL history if they can win the SuperBowl in a convincing fashion. The Patriots already are the only team in history through a 16 game season.

Quarterback- Tom Brady. The impregnator of supermodels, slayer of behemoth football players and all round stud of the NFL, Tom Brady is the undisputed leader of the Patriots. Tom Brady already has won three Superbowls this decade and is looking to win his fourth on Sunday. Tom Brady long ago secured his spot in the NFL Hall of Fame and now is vying to become the best quarterback in history playing for the best team in history.

Wide Receiver- Randy Moss has resurrected his career from the graveyard of Art Shell’s Oakland Raiders and has set the record for receiving touchdowns during the regular season (23). Randy Moss is looking to light up the New York Giants secondary in this game.

Coach- Bill Belichick. Much like Darth Vader, Bill Belichick is notoriously secretive and has rarely given media interviews and all that the general public knows of him is speculation.

New York Giants- The Giants got lucky a week and a half ago in their game against the Green Bay Packers and so instead of seeing the greatest Superbowl in history we are stuck with this one. Seriously, how cool would it have been to see Brett Favre, the old gunslinger and current best quarterback in NFL history go to war against his stone faced challenger, Tom Brady? Oh well, the Giants almost beat the Patriots in the last game of the regular season, so this should also be a better Superbowl than most that we have seen in recent years.

Quarterback- Eli Manning. Throughout his life, Eli Manning has been overshadowed by his older brother Peyton Manning who won the Superbowl last year as the leader of the Indianapolis Colts and most efficient passer in the NFL. Eli has had some really rocky times, but he is looking to show that he has finally overcome his streakiness by claiming his first Superbowl victory.

Coach- Tom Coughlin. Coach Tom Coughlin was on the hot seat at the beginning of the year and many member of the media and New York Giants fans were calling for his job. Now he finds himself in the Superbowl with a chance to gain a much firmer hold on his coaching career.

I think that the Superbowl should be pretty entertaining and I am going to buy enough beer and food to make sure that it is no matter what! Perhaps I’ll have a Beefsteak during the Superbowl. Actually, that’s brilliant: watch giant supermen hit each other at top speed while eating delectable meat and french fries with my fingers and swilling down vast quantities of strong mead. Even a medieval king would be jealous! The life of the King of America is tough, but does have it’s rewards 😉


Unending piles of tenderloin, filet mignon, crab, bacon-wrapped kidneys, shrimp and lamb chops.

Grilling for a Beefsteak Beefsteak

Butter garlic and cheese french fries.

Garlic, butter & cheese french fries at a beefsteak

Bottomless kegs of excellent beer.

Great Beer at a Beefsteak

No women allowed

No women or girls are allowed at a Beefsteak

Your two greasy hands feeding your face all of the above while all of your best friends feast with you.

Eating with your fingers: Beefsteak Men feasting at a beefsteak

It’s called a Beefsteak.

And I’m going to host one.

I saw an article today in the New York Times about a tradition from the early 1900s where politicians would host massive feeds called Beefsteaks for men to come to before they voted. At the time, women couldn’t vote, so it was an all male bonding event. The men would gather around giant tables and stuff themselves full of all the beef and french fries and shrimp that they could handle, washing it all down with copious amounts of beer. At a beefsteak, a man would get back to his caveman roots, eating only with his fingers and allowing his inner glutton free reign. These events mostly died out after the women’s suffrage movement was successful and wives and girlfriends would come and look at the men with disapproval. I intend to remedy this situation by hosting an all men’s beefsteak feast soon. Any man who wants to come needs to let me know. I think if everyone chips in $15-20 we can eat enough to satisfy the inner beast in all of us.

Beefsteak. What a lovely concept.

Great State of the Globe Article

I read an excellent article in the New York Times today and I highly recommend that anyone remotely interested in the state of the world, American politics, globalization and the balance of power read it.

The article is pretty long, but well worth the time. I don’t agree with all of the authors assertions or conclusions, but he is very much on the right path. If you care for anything beyond your own personal misery, take a few minutes and read it.

Alexa Ray Joel Bio, Pictures and Review

Alexa Ray Joel is a beautiful singer and pianist who is lucky enough to share the same name as me. True, it’s not her first name like it should be but I suppose I can forgive her that. Alright, enough of my ramblings, here’s some photos of Alexa Ray Joel. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find the ALEXA RAY JOEL TOUR SCHEDULE. Also, her bio and reviews.

Alexa Ray Joel Alexa Ray Joel has a faceshot

Alexa Joel was born on January 1st, 1986 which is a pretty strange birthday… her birthday is the same as that of the solar year! Joel is the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley (Billy Joel’s second wife). Word on the street is that Alexa Ray Joel’s middle name, Ray, came from the great Ray Charles. Okay, Okay here’s some more foxy pictures of Alexa Ray Joel:

Celebrity child of Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel Headshot of Alexa Ray Joel

Alexa Ray Joel started college at NYU (Where Plato himself went!), but dropped out after her freshman year to focus on song-writing and singing. Alexa has done gigs all over New York City and has begun touring the Northeast. She also has performed on the Hard Rock Cafe nationwide Tour. Pretty amazing for a girl born almost two years after I was. I wish I had her success at that age, but I suppose having Billy Joel as daddy doesn’t hurt a bit, right?

Obviously, Billy Joel greatly encouraged his daughter Alexa’s musical talent’s since she was very young. Her father would play Alexa Ray nursery rhymes on the piano. Man, that would be cool. Alexa Ray Joel has had extensive classical piano training and has developed a strong capability for writing songs. Her ear for music is unmatched.

Alexa had world class training from her father, Billy Joel, but currently does not have much use for writers and does most of her own work herself. She has the pedigree to be an extraordinary talent on the global stage and seems to be working hard at forging her own greatness. Alexa Ray Joel is impressive- she could have just sat back on her haunches and lived a glamorous life off of her parents coattails, but instead she has worked hard and is starting to make a name for herself. I respect her infinitely more than I do Paris Hilton or one of the other children of money and fame who end up with no personalities, addicted to drugs and with the maturity of third graders. Her talent has been described as a combination of “raw city energy and laid back Long Island style”.

I am listening to one of Alexa Ray Joel’s song’s right now, “Come Home to Me Do“. She has a very similar sound to Amy Winehouse. Joel’s lyrics aren’t quite as witty or catchy as Amy Winehouse’s yet though, but what can you expect from a young girl her age? She has a very mature voice though, almost like a middle age seductress. Other songs written and performed by Alexa Ray Joel include, “Blue Christmas“, “For All My Days“, “The Heart of Me” and “Sapphire Night“. If you search for her, you can find Alexa Ray Joel’s myspace and listen to all of those songs there. She truly isn’t half bad. Remember Ozzy Osbourne’s children and that fat little girl’s attempted punk rock band??? I almost puked. I wanted to kill those fat spoiled pigs. Alexa Ray Joel however is significantly better than either of them.

Alexa Ray Joel is an undeniable member of true American rock and roll royalty: her performance training occurred at the hands of a modern master and a mother of otherworldly grace. Alexa is a brilliant young woman whose birth was well documented by nearly every major press outlet. As a world-traveled toddler, she even made Gorbachev giggle! Now Alexa is working to create her own destiny. Her songs reveal a charismatic dreamer and musical communicator of rare vulnerability whose talent is imbued with a blend of raw city energy and the peaceful tranquility of the Long Island Sound. Thousands have already been enthralled by the surprising performances that leave little doubt that Alexa Ray Joel will be an integral part of an enduring American legacy. Her songs are composed of equal parts compassion, truth, charity, and humor. One listen assures anyone of the wit and wisdom of this unique young woman.

Alexa Ray Joel Tour Schedule

February 8, 2008 at 8 PM- Boulton Center for the Arts
37 West Main St, Bayshore, New York – SOLD OUT

Please place other new shows in the comments section of this post! Thanks!!! 🙂