SuperBowl Sunday: Undefeated New England Patriots vs. Upstart New York Giants

The SuperBowl is on Sunday and fans all across the world are planning SuperBowl parties. Nick Fitzer invited me to his friends party at a bar the guy’s dad owns in Tacoma. I am thinking I will probably do that so I can visit my brothers or grandparents while I’m down there. The SuperBowl is featuring the New England Patriots against the New York Giants this year and my money is on the Patriots because they have not been beaten this once this season.… read more “SuperBowl Sunday: Undefeated New England Patriots vs. Upstart New York Giants”

Great State of the Globe Article

I read an excellent article in the New York Times today and I highly recommend that anyone remotely interested in the state of the world, American politics, globalization and the balance of power read it.

The article is pretty long, but well worth the time. I don’t agree with all of the authors assertions or conclusions, but he is very much on the right path.… read more “Great State of the Globe Article”

Dinner with Plato: Scotch Salmon Recipe

Plato hosted the monday night dinner at his studio in the University District. He cooked scotch salmon. Scotch salmon is salmon with a scotch-based sauce on top of it. The sauce contained Drambuie (a scotch liquer), Johnny Walker Black Label scotch, creme fraiche, heavy cream, orange juice, and lots of other goodies. We also had a salad with kumquats and almonds and a balsamic vinagreitte dressing.… read more “Dinner with Plato: Scotch Salmon Recipe”

Should I Hire A Maid?

I have been debating recently about hiring a maid. I looked on Craigslist and a maid could be had for $20 twice a week, which sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I hate folding clothes and ironing and am not a big fan of cleaning, so it would make a lot of sense I think for me to get someone to take care of these ornery chores for me.… read more “Should I Hire A Maid?”

Snowing Outside In Seattle (Pioneer Square)

I’m sitting at work right now looking out my window and the snow is coming down pretty hard. I work down in Pioneer Square and my office faces north and usually I can see the Hospital right up on the hill, but it looks pretty hazy right now. I love snow. I hope tons come down all night.… read more “Snowing Outside In Seattle (Pioneer Square)”