Delice De Bourgogne

I really like this cheese named Delice De Bourgogne. As a matter of fact, I am sitting at my desk at work eating a block of it with a knife. Very good stuff. Very filling. Lots of calories to power my brain at work.

Food of the day


70oz blender drink with spinach, lots of carrots, fruit and nut mix, almond milk, water, salmon oil, chia seeds.

4 chicken tenders and a quarter cup of blueberries for dinner.

Purple Food Recipe

Step down Midnight Cook!  A real chef is in the house now.  Tonight I cooked myself up a mighty fine meal of Purple Food.  Not many people can dare dream of achieving culinary perfection, but I just served myself up a tasty dish of it.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so check it out below:

purple food recipe
purple food recipe

So how did I do it?  Purple Food Recipe:

Defrost 10 hunks of frozen Costco chicken for 20 minutes.  Throw said chicken in a pan on medium for 15 minutes, turning once.  Get bored and throw in a bunch of blueberries.  Work on your to do list for 20 minutes and forget the food.  Come back, add mustard & balsamic vinegar… yeah yeah the online recipe says to use red wine vinegar and a bunch of other crap you don’t have, but that’s for internet nerds like the Midnight Cook.  We are MEN!  MEN WITH BALLS!  Footballs, basketballs, and frisbees.  Cook for another 20 minutes while you G-Chat online with your homies.  Eat.

Flayvors of Washington Recipe Contest: Food Network

My sister-in-law has entered the “Flayvors of Washington Recipe Contest” through the Food Network. She came up with a very interesting lasagna recipe using Columbia Crest Pinot Grigio, pears, nutmeg, and lots of other tasty sounding ingredients. The two top finalists in the contest get flown out to New York to be on Bobby Flay’s cooking show.

Grand Prize
Opportunity to cook with Bobby Flay in New York
$5,000 cash
Wine refrigerator
Selection of items from the Bobby Flay at Kohl’s cookware line
Autographed copy of Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill and Grill It! cookbooks
Selection of Bobby Flay sauces and rubs
Columbia Crest glassware and corkscrew
Washington wine books

First-Place Prize
$1,000 cash
Autographed copy of Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill and Grill It! cookbooks
Selection of Bobby Flay sauces and rubs
Columbia Crest glassware and corkscrew
Washington wine books

Good luck Meghan!

OCB: Factoria Old Country Buffet

Today was “Seafood Friday” at the Old Country Buffet in Factoria, so B and Sae and I hit it up. “Seafood Friday” meant that they were serving clam chowder AND “Baked Fish”. No specification on what exactly the “Baked Fish” was, but my guess is herring.

I hadn’t been to the Old Country Buffet since I was about 11 years old. At that age, I thought it was the greatest restaurant in the history of mankind. I was a poor, starving child.

The Factoria Old Country Buffet actually isn’t bad for what you get: $8.19 all-you-can-eat salad, Mexican and various fried foods.

Gut bomb.

Monday Dinner: Burgers & Stalkers

For a while I have been after Ian to show me how to make the burgers he made at the 1200 Bistro before it shut down.‚  Last night, he finally did.‚  The burgers are basically high quality ground beef with steak scraps, rosemary, thyme and sage also mixed in.‚  We put a little patty of blue cheese on top of that and then feasted.

The night took a strange turn when Di showed up and came in all freaked out because some guy who had been in her Blockbuster store three times earlier in the day and spent three hundred bucks had followed her all the way from Ballard to Burien.‚  The guy sat in his car outside the house for about an hour doing weird things like take all these boxes out and then put them back in.‚  Before I heard about the situation, Ian & Dan walked out and talked to the guy while Ian’s mom called the police.‚  Evidently the guy looked like a hardcore meth addict: twitchy with very yellow teeth.‚  The cops never came though and the guy eventually left.‚  Hopefully he doesn’t bother Di again.

Overall, we had fun and it was good seeing Ian’s family again.

Salumi Seattle: Mind-Blowingly Good Sandwiches & Meats

Ian, my chef friend,‚  as told me about this place Salumi in Pioneer Square for several months but I had never made it down.‚  Finally, I looked Salumi up today and realized it is less than a block away from where I work so I stopped by at lunch time. I ordered the Finocchiona sandwich on traditional olive bread with mozzarella and grilled onions.‚  Finocchiona is a salami made of cracked fennel, black pepper and a touch of curry.

My god.‚  Salumi is incredibly good.‚  I even ordered an extra container of their Salumi salami just to share with my coworkers.‚  On their wall, Salumi had an article in which Anthony Bourdain called them “the Pacific Northwest’s best eatery”.‚  The owners are the parents of famous chef Mario Batali… they must have taught him everything he knows.

I strongly recommend anyone who passes through Pioneer Square to stop and eat at Salumi.‚  It is only open though at lunchtime from 11am to 4pm.‚  Happy eating!

Dinner Last Night

Since none of the usual group could make our Monday night dinner last night, I invited a bunch of other friends instead.‚  We made pork loins on the grill with apple & bacon on top, roasted asparagus and grilled fingerling potatoes.‚  Good stuff and it was fun to share some culinary joys with other people.

Mark & Keri Come For Lunch

My high school friend Mark and his wife Keri came up for a late lunch at my place today.‚  We had pugliese bread with Cambalooza triple brie cheese and olive bruschetta for our appetizer and grilled blue marlin with red peppers for the main course and roasted asparagus spears as a side.‚  The Rody’s brought white chocolate fudge and peanut brittle for dessert.‚  We had a good time and talked all the way up till my flag football game at 6:30 pm.