Monday Dinner: Burgers & Stalkers

For a while I have been after Ian to show me how to make the burgers he made at the 1200 Bistro before it shut down.‚  Last night, he finally did.‚  The burgers are basically high quality ground beef with steak scraps, rosemary, thyme and sage also mixed in.‚  We put a little patty of blue cheese on top of that and then feasted.

The night took a strange turn when Di showed up and came in all freaked out because some guy who had been in her Blockbuster store three times earlier in the day and spent three hundred bucks had followed her all the way from Ballard to Burien.‚  The guy sat in his car outside the house for about an hour doing weird things like take all these boxes out and then put them back in.‚  Before I heard about the situation, Ian & Dan walked out and talked to the guy while Ian’s mom called the police.‚  Evidently the guy looked like a hardcore meth addict: twitchy with very yellow teeth.‚  The cops never came though and the guy eventually left.‚  Hopefully he doesn’t bother Di again.

Overall, we had fun and it was good seeing Ian’s family again.

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Joel Gross

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