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My company has now moved over to Factoria and today was my first day in the new offices.‚  The offices are nice, with plenty of room for employees and their stuff.‚  Unfortunately, whoever planned the seating arrangements put me far away from the person I work with the most.‚  My seat is also in the worst spot- right by the entrance and everyone stares at me and my screen as they walk in or out.‚  Ugh.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

3 thoughts on “Factoria Offices”

  1. From a purely work productivity perspective, putting you in a spot where everyone can see your monitor is the best possible choice the company could make.

  2. Plato,

    True, but it is unpleasant when you are the target of such gazings. Also I am far away from the person I work with the most… lots of walking around.

  3. At least that way you will get some exercise. They’re looking out for productivity and your health!

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