Losing is hard.‚  How you carry yourself after a loss shows an awful lot about your character.‚  Do you take it like a man or do you not acknowledge it? Do you put it behind you or do you let it fester in your heart?‚  Do you try to learn from what happened or do you throw it in everyone’s face?

A story recently worked its way back around to me about someone who was unable to walk again after losing in the dating game and crawled into the gutter of bitterness.

He had been interested in a pretty woman, but either she didn’t share his feelings or he wasn’t aggressive enough and so she actually asked him to set her up with someone else who caught her fancy.‚  After he refused, she figured out a different path to her goal. It’s tough to lose when it involves your heart.‚  I feel for the man- I’ve been there myself and it can feel like you got kicked in the balls.

The reaction you make in a situation like this shows your true colors.‚  A man would stand back up, brush himself and his bruised ego off and march on to the next battle.

Not gonna happen in this story- I told you earlier this story is about rotten eggs and foul feelings.

The woman and her new beau see the man at a party.‚  Does he go shake the guy’s hand (actually one of his friends)?‚  Nah… why do that when you can corner the woman alone and make a speech to her?

He looked at her seriously and said:

“I’m really happy for you and your new guy… really.‚  I did think it was obnoxious though that you wanted me to set you up with him, since I was into you.”

“I really doubt that you’ll ever “get” him though.‚  I mean he is just a more attractive version of me, and while you are attractive, I’m sure he’ll get bored after a few months.‚  He wants someone with more bang upstairs.”

She looked at him in shock and said, “You think I’m just a pretty face and not smart enough for him?”

“Yes, the same reason I wouldn’t want to be with you.”

Oh bitter grapes.‚  So angry, so small and so tasteless.

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  1. Now, as before, I am curious. As Paul Harvey would say, What the heck is the rest of the story?

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