Metalocalypse: Funny Show

Discovered Metalocalypse last night, a funny cartoon about mythical death metal band that wreaks havoc wherever they go.  The death metal band  Dethklok is a massively popular band that in the show is the seventh largest economy on earth and actually raises giant troll demons from the sea with their awesome riffs.  If Dethklok takes too long in releasing a new album, fans commit suicide by the thousands and the stock market crashes.  … read more “Metalocalypse: Funny Show”

Google Voice Invite Received

I just received an invite for Google Voice and am testing it out now.  I think it is about to opened to the public in phases.  I’ll post back soon with my reviews.  Google Voice is a service that rings all your phones at the same time, creates transcripts of conversations and allows you to listen in while people leave voicemails.  … read more “Google Voice Invite Received”

Hiking/Camping/Mountaineering Gear

I just made the biggest non-housing, non-food expenditure I have made inthree years today.  I fully equipped myself with $533 of gear that I can use for hiking, camping, backpacking and mountaineering.  I mention these activities separately because I expect to be doing a lot of traveling soon and will need equipment for both car camping and for climbing mountains.  … read more “Hiking/Camping/Mountaineering Gear”

Former Treasury Secretary Paulson Forced BoA to Buy ML

The problem with enormous unchecked government power is that it is often used in a very corrupt way that hurts citizens.  According to his own admission, Former Treasury Secretary actually forced Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch last year.  He told the CEO of Bank of America that if he didn’t go through with the deal that the government would remove the CEO and the rest of management.  … read more “Former Treasury Secretary Paulson Forced BoA to Buy ML”