5 Activities for Seattle’s Summer Heat

The weather is scorching in Seattle this week and since most Seattlites lack air conditioning, we are doing anything we can to stay cool. If you are running low on ideas of how to avoid sweating in your home/sauna, check out my 5 suggestions to beat the heat:

  • If you’re an office drone, work longer hours in the air conditioned space.
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The Problem Of Evil And Religion

My little brother Justin recently emailed me and started a discussion on religion and the problem of evil.  I thought my readers may find it useful or entertaining, so check it out:

7/17/09 Written @ 2:21 am


I have been propelled to share truth with you. Because of all things a dream I had about you.… read more “The Problem Of Evil And Religion”

Metalocalypse: Funny Show

Discovered Metalocalypse last night, a funny cartoon about mythical death metal band that wreaks havoc wherever they go.  The death metal band  Dethklok is a massively popular band that in the show is the seventh largest economy on earth and actually raises giant troll demons from the sea with their awesome riffs.  If Dethklok takes too long in releasing a new album, fans commit suicide by the thousands and the stock market crashes.  … read more “Metalocalypse: Funny Show”

Google Voice Invite Received

I just received an invite for Google Voice and am testing it out now.  I think it is about to opened to the public in phases.  I’ll post back soon with my reviews.  Google Voice is a service that rings all your phones at the same time, creates transcripts of conversations and allows you to listen in while people leave voicemails.  … read more “Google Voice Invite Received”