Better Elections Through Education

Citizens should not be able to vote in an election unless they watch a ~15 minute online video speech by each candidate. Perhaps there should be verification that they paid attention, either by administering a 3 question basic quiz of what the candidate said (probably put together by the candidate?), or by facial verification.

Hopefully this would remove the name recognition component of elections and remove the Bushes, Clintons, Trumps from power.

Inheritance Is Evil And Should Be Abolished

Estate taxes are the taxes the government places upon a person’s wealth after their death and before their decedents inherit it. I suggest that we increase estate taxes to 100%.

My grandparents are fairly wealthy and I stand to gain a substantial inheritance when they pass away. Why would someone like me who stands to gain significantly from lower estate taxes suggest abolishing inheritance and increasing estate taxes to 100%?… read more “Inheritance Is Evil And Should Be Abolished”

American People Scammed

Governments usually extort money from their populace as a standard practice. However, the US government is now getting extreme about the practice. The federal government shut down for over two weeks and all employees stayed at home relaxing, watching TV, playing XBox, going on vacations, etc. Now that the shutdown is over, all of those employees are going to be paid JUST AS IF THEY WORKED THE ENTIRE TIME.… read more “American People Scammed”

What Would Cause American Civil War 2?

What could possibly cause a second American Civil War?

I think ACW2 (kind of an awkward acronym) would most likely be caused the US national debt. The national debt would start to push inflation rates higher and higher until dollars are virtually worthless. Texas would move onto either a gold backed currency or a virtual currency and secede from the United States, followed by all the angry Southern states that never got over ACW1.… read more “What Would Cause American Civil War 2?”

I Want More Terrorism.

That’s right. I said I want more terrorism… in the United States.

Confused, shocked, angry?

I want to make something perfectly clear: I want another event like the Boston bombings or even another 9/11.


I am SICK and TIRED of watching America lose its freedoms one by one in the name of security. I hate subsidizing a $860 billion defense complex and a $80 billion department of homeland security budget.… read more “I Want More Terrorism.”

US Immigration Policy Change Needed


Below is an interesting guest post from my friend the Black Rooster discussing US immigration policy changes that are needed. I agree with him – we spend way too much money trying to deport people we educated! As a matter of fact, when I was roommates with the Black Rooster he was deported for overstaying his student visa.  read more “US Immigration Policy Change Needed”