I Want More Terrorism.

That’s right. I said I want more terrorism… in the United States.

Confused, shocked, angry?

I want to make something perfectly clear: I want another event like the Boston bombings or even another 9/11.


I am SICK and TIRED of watching America lose its freedoms one by one in the name of security. I hate subsidizing a $860 billion defense complex and a $80 billion department of homeland security budget. I hate losing my constitutional rights to an ever growing big brother monstrosity.

Give me my damned rights back and bring on more terrorist attacks.

Almost half a million Americans died in World War Two protecting our freedom and our Constitution. 3,000 Americans died in the World Trade Center attacks and we have given away much of our freedoms and rights since then. We gave up 100x more lives to protect our unique freedoms and rights sixty years ago. Our politicians and by extension we as Americans are cowards now for preferring security over freedom.

This is not a political issue- both the Republicans (under George W) and the Democrats (under Obama) have sold our freedom for a pittance.

As Patrick Henry once stated, “Give me freedom or give me death!”

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “I Want More Terrorism.”

  1. Really a weird post. Poorly thought out and poor logic behind it.

    You are advocating for more privacy by arguing for more terrorism. As you point out in your own post, the result of terrorism was less privacy. Why would more privacy be the result of more terrorism?

    What we really need to see is a weakening of the federal government, followed by strengthening of state governments. Each state should operate as its own police force, economy, and write its own prescriptive moral laws.

    Yes this means we have less of a national identity but it results in more responsive government and also cuts out the opportunity for significant bloat.

    I would hope the reaction to the recent disclosures of MASSIVE Constitutional violations by the security agencies in the federal government would have resulted in more outcry from the public.

    State representatives and Senators should be advocates for the standards that their constituents want. My state representatives and Senators seem more concerned with a federal standard then that of their state.

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