The Economist – Shared Article ‘A world of walls’

The Economist | A world of walls
If everyone who wanted to migrate were able to do so, global gdp would double, estimates Michael Clemens of the Centre for Global Development, author of a forthcoming book, “The Walls of Nations”. No other policy change comes close to generating such colossal rewards. If there is $90 trillion a year up for grabs, you might think that policymakers would be feverishly devising ways to get a piece of more “The Economist – Shared Article ‘A world of walls’”

Boomers Suck

If Boomers had had the courage and generosity of the generation that went through the Great Depression, fought WW2, and still issued forth the Marshall plan and invested to bring their hated enemies out of totalitarianism into the light of true democracy and freedom, we would not have the nightmare we have today where dictators are rising all over the planet and gaining influence.… read more “Boomers Suck”