(Yonhap Interview) Go master Lee says he quits unable to win over AI Go players | Yonhap News Agency


Interesting at two levels for me. I do think Superintelligent AI is actually here, probably still being held in secret. I think a lot of humans are going to want to quit when watching AI achieve splendid success beyond their wildest hopes.

And for me with my hip osteoarthritis, I feel a little like quitting at life. I’ve always been driven to be the best and put my best athletically and get better. Now my life is doomed to slowly spiral down. The harder I work to get better at running or golf, the sooner my hip will break down the rest of the way. My knees are already hurting from compensating for my hip, maybe I will have OA everywhere soon. Very discouraging. I would frankly rather have a cancer that gave me a 10% chance of death, but if I recovered I could do so fully.

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