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I was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis Tuesday. I have done tons of research and reading of studies since then. It is a degenerative disease, but there are things I can do to adjust. I can lose weight (I am now on a diet), I can change my exercise (reading on this now), I can take painkillers (no thanks), I might be able to get a hip brace (need to talk to doctors). I have emailed multiple doctors and set an appointment with another doctor to review things Wednesday. I have PT at my first doctors office Monday. I have my nanny who is getting a masters in biotech helping me research things further.

I talked to a couple of friends, my family, and wife about the mental side of things. I have been hit hard by this. I have seen myself as a big, strong, athletic guy and taken pride in that. Now I am going to lose a lot of weight, can’t exercise as much or as heavy, and have a crippling disability. Most of my leisure time revolved around athletic activities. Many of my friends spend most of their leisure time doing athletic things… I feel like I will lose a lot in common with them. I may have to quit golfing, skiing, running, rock climbing and all the rest of the high impact athletics I love.

I won’t be able to play sports with Kate and Griffin.

My life outlook is basically that I am in some pain now, and it will slowly worsen until I am in excruciating pain all the time and have to do a joint replacement. I will never get better (short of a very lucky medical breakthrough), I can only hope to slow this down.

I can’t even sit down. Sitting down is the most painful thing. I can’t drive more then 15 minutes without pain. I can’t imagine a plane flight.

I have some hopes. Maybe I can cut weight to 173 and extend my hips life. Maybe I can get a hip brace that allows for more activity. Maybe I will like swimming or cycling. Maybe I won’t need to replace my knees too. Maybe one of these doctors will have something that might work for me.

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