Daily 6 Mile Runs

I have slowly over the last year and a half built up to the point where I run six miles four to five mornings each week. I typically wake up at around 6:40 am, drink two glasses of water, use the restroom, then head outside for my six mile run. My route takes me on Motor Ave under the 10 freeway and up into beautiful Cheviot Hills.… read more “Daily 6 Mile Runs”

Personal Goals & Measurements Tracking

Tracking your personal goals and measurements is vitally important to being successful. Each morning, I input the following into my spreadsheet:

  1. Food
  2. Learning topics
  3. Workout
  4. Work hours
  5. How much I advanced Coalition
  6. If I did a blog post
  7. If I took a nap
  8. What I’m grateful for
  9. Bedtime
  10. Happiness
  11. Weight
  12. and a couple of other items


100 people dead in Paris, 200+ dead in the Russian airliner bombing, 2000 dead in the World Trade Centers, many tens of thousands dead in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Nothing compared to what is coming.

The genetic engineering tools to build super diseases now exist and are commonplace in laboratories around the world. Building and arming drones is very cheap and will get even cheaper and easier.… read more “Prediction”