No Justice

Lawyers in America have pushed through a number of changes to laws that now prevent justice or fair outcomes from being reached.

Consider this example: a company that guides people on rock climbing trips (a clearly dangerous activity that people sign waivers of liability for) brings Bob climbing. On the trip, Bob slips off a lead climb hold and breaks his arm.… read more “No Justice”

Unemployment Discrimination

I just saw an article that mentioned President Obama is trying to ban discrimination based on unemployment. Basically, if a person has big holes in their resume, you won’t be allowed to say no to them for that.

Sounds pretty bizarre… The government wants to ban judging employment candidates on their work experience?!? How in the world could you legally discern between candidates then?… read more “Unemployment Discrimination”

Total War

The only major victories in war seem to come from armies that exercise total war. The Russians defeated the Germans in WW2, Sherman won the Civil War, the Vietnamese defeated America with total war. In the age of the press, is any people willing to fully unleash total war? ISIS has been willing to…

World Changes

I’ve been visiting the museums in DC and it is amazing how fast the world has changed and continues to change in such a short period of time. In three human lifetimes, we’ve invented cars, planes, trains, space vehicles, computers, smartphone, nuclear weapons, two world wars, and so much else.