11 Days in on the Farm: Remodeling the house

We are here on the farm waiting for our fourth baby to be born. In the meantime, I am trying to learn as much as I can about running the farm and trying to get the house we will live in remodeled. We also have been watching the tiktoks of a friend of a friend who is a druggie and abandoned his family to be a rapper, so I jokingly made a rap video.

Politicians should not be allowed to take bribes, like speech fees


Joe Biden is not as bad as as the socialist Elizabeth Warren with a reporter $80 million net worth https://www.caclubindia.com/wealth/elizabeth-warren-net-worth-forbes/.

Politicians should not be allowed to make huge speech fees or accept other forms of money that basically amount to taking bribes. Selling books at normal prices is okay or working in a profession they held prior to being a politician are okay, but they should not get massive corporate and foreign payments during or after their elected years.… read more “Politicians should not be allowed to take bribes, like speech fees”

Interactive Brokers Makes it a NIGHTMARE to get your money out

I desperately need to get funds out to escrow for a real estate transaction due today and they keep telling me the only way to get at my money is to wait 2-5 business days. Totally nuts.

Charles Schwab let me get it done online inside of 5 minutes with no troubles. Use Charles Schwab, not Interactive Brokers.

Spinner Chronos Drive Belt Available on Grainger for $82

I contacted Precor for a replacement belt and they quoted me $383 and said the product was on backorder. I found it on Grainger.com for $82 with four day shipping – https://www.grainger.com/product/CONTINENTAL-Industrial-Timing-Belt-12-39GD80?opr=ILOF. Good deal! I expect it should fit as the measurements all match.