Patent Reform Urgently Needed

Issues like this where there is only one manufacturer for a life saving device could be solved by only allowing patent owners a seven year monopoly on their intellectual property. That is plenty of time to get a head start in the market, but not enough to abuse it for extra cash.


I went on a seven mile run this morning and towards the end of it felt an urgent need to take a dump. My stomach started to cramp up and I didn’t think I could keep it in much longer. I spotted an Arco down the road and headed for it. The theme song for Game of Thrones came on Spotify and all I could think of was “Hodor, Hodor, Hold the door!”

Lifetime Success Factors

In order of priority, here are the factors that will determine your happiness and success:

  1. Life partner
  2. Great sleep, wake up naturally by going to bed early
  3. Eating mostly veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, birds and fish. No sugar or processed foods.
  4. Daily exercise
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Spend less than you earn
  8. Good boss
  9. No commute
  10. Challenging job
  11. Invest
  12. Trying new things


Caffeine is a hard drug.

It’s powerful stimulating effect has a half life in your body of 14 hours. A lot of people use it very heavily every day and spend almost no time sober.

Caffeine doesn’t cause massive hangovers or prevent work from being done though, so people mostly give it a pass.


AWS Server Crash

I had a strange AWS server crash. I had to force stop the server and start it again and the issue went away. Hamza and I had to work on it this morning for 3 hours. Annoying. Will be watching it closely.