Tested Recruits: Daily Recruiter Scoring

This report was not functioning because of some poorly written code by an old developer who was overly focused on abstracting things away. I fixed it this morning by doing some straightforward Eloquent queries and using a new Collection method called Transform that uses a callback to change each item. Worked well.

HN Help

My last blog post was a long one about how I came up with TestedRecruits.com. I am now trying to ask for feedback from some prominent folks on Hacker News prior to submitting it. I may also test out running some AdWords or Facebook ads to it as well. We will see.

I Hate Recruiting – So I Made It My Business


  • Story of my journey through the world of recruiting
  • Tips for companies on how to quickly vet candidates
  • Tips for applicants on how to get hired
  • Email me to use my skills test interviews for free

I sat down and rubbed my damp palms on my ill-fitting old suit. I looked around for my interviewer in a Starbucks on the ground floor of the Accenture building in downtown Seattle.… read more “I Hate Recruiting – So I Made It My Business”

Laurel Surgery

Laurel had a minor surgical procedure yesterday. Afterwards, before I fell asleep, I imagined to myself what it would be like if she died. I could barely touch on it before my eyes brimmed with tears. I don’t think I could imagine anything worse, not even my own death.