Santa Monica eCommerce Web Design

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E-commerce is a rapidly growing business sector. If you run a successful bricks-and-mortar store, chances are, you’re looking to expand your business onto the internet so can reach more customers and streamline operations. If you’re already selling goods or processing payment transactions online, you’re probably looking for more user-friendly shopping processes and more sophisticated ways to leverage the customer data you’ve already collected. At Coalition Technologies, we offer a complete set of e-commerce web design and development services to help retailers of all types dominate their industries online. Our Santa Monica-based team of expert e-commerce web designers made up of digital artists, code developers, e-retailing veterans and SEO specialists. We handle every aspect of making and promoting an e-commerce website, with special web design offers available for businesses that also operate in Santa Monica.

Examples of web design we have done in the past:

Call 323-984-9949 For Ecommerce web design agency Services

Call 323-984-9949 For Ecommerce web design agency Services

Our e-commerce web design team builds compelling, easy-to-use e-shopping sites that are designed to be search engine optimized and help site visitors along the path to purchase. Our Santa Monica-based team offers solutions for interactive shopping experiences that feature dynamic product reviews, rich-media advertising, targeted promotional offers and secure payment transactions. Other specialty e-commerce web design services we supply include strategic content creation and social media marketing to farm qualified leads and build out communities around clients’ online shopping operations.

Business Web Design – Venice Beach, CA

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Nestled in the creative and design-savvy pocket of Southern California known as Venice Beach, Coalition Technologies is a web design firm that specializes in creating websites for businesses based in Venice Beach and elsewhere.  Designing websites for business purposes means creating highly specialized web assets, a unique marketing approach and an ultra-strong site architecture, especially for online retail and e-commerce operations.  Venice Beach is a land of opportunity for many business-owners. With the beach city’s regular flow of visitors and huge spikes of tourists in the summer, Venice Beach business’ web design should be crafted to maximize the online traffic associated with those visitors.  Also, since business in Venice Beach is often much more lucrative in the summertime, our team of expert business web designers has seen firsthand how seasonal considerations can play into crafting a successful internet presence. Our professional business web design team in our Venice Beach office specializes in handling every aspect of website design, including:

  • Cutting-edge visual and graphic design
  • Site mapping and advanced architecture
  • Logo creation and color scheming
  • Site development and operational tweaking
  • Branded content and powerful promotional copy with an eye towards search engine optimization
  • e-Commerce solutions including e-shopping capabilities and secure transactions

That said, our web design services are available on a scalable, ad hoc, or ground-up basis, depending on clients’ needs and budgets.

Examples of web design we have done in the past:

Call 323-984-9949 For Venice Beach CA Web Designer Services

Call 323-984-9949 For Venice Beach CA Web Designer Services

Venice Beach businesses, including Coalition Technologies’ team of web designers, can often draw from the large pool of creative talent in Venice and the surrounding cities, including graphic designers, e-commerce veterans, tech upstart gurus and interaction designers to create impressive websites that help clients increase sales and convert site visitors into customers. Our Venice Beach office has created successful websites that offer solutions to a wide variety of businesses, whether they be in Venice Beach or some other specific community.  Since Coalition Technologies has the advantage of local knowledge and powerful area media connections, when it comes to creating powerful and efficient websites for Venice Beach business, the firm goes all out. Coalition Technologies believes in solidifying this advantage by working with as many Venice Beach-based businesses as possible.  This sharpens the team’s ability to serve clients on an increasingly localized basis, as is the trend in online marketing.  That in turn sharpens Coalition Technologies’ ability to design groundbreaking website for clients in markets across the country.  So Venice Beach businesses in need of website design and development services – or any other web marketing service – should contact the firm to check about discounts that are frequently offered to local partners.

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Venice Beach Online Advertising

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Coalition Technologies is a leading online advertising firm based in Venice Beach, California, providing a suite of online advertising services for a variety of clients and unique branding objectives. The crack team of online advertising experts venice-beach-aliensand marketing professionals at Coalition Technologies lives at the cutting-edge of new media and digital branding, specializing in all forms of internet-based marketing messages. Looking for a great AdWords specialist or an online advertising banner guru for a special campaign or regional event? Maybe you need a complete marketing plan for the launch of a new business in Venice Beach? Perhaps you want to take a brick-and-mortar store online to exploit the e-commerce market? Whatever your online advertising and marketing objectives, Coalition Technologies can create a highly customized, powerfully executed advertising campaign for you brand or online business.

Being that Venice Beach is such a hub for creative types and tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Coalition Technologies values local clients and welcomes the opportunity to work with others in the area to pursue large business ideas and help clients achieve huge financial successes. As such, business operating or headquartered in Venice beach can often receive discounts on our suite of online advertising services. Plus, our team of highly experienced online advertisers has the leg-up on using the internet to advertise to Venice Beach locals and those in surrounding cities like Santa Monica or Marina del Rey, using personal connections with technology gurus, local artists and area writers to leverage the effect of any locally-targeted internet advertising.

The online advertising team at Coalition Technologies‘ Venice Beach office draws from the foremost best practices data available and combines that with unique, highly customized promotional messages and cutting-edge ad-targeting techniques to create powerful and engaging internet advertising. Whether you’re looking to attract a wide array of locals and tourists to your Venice Beach business using online advertising or you’re looking to get to target the costal cities’ upper tax-brackets for your restaurant or retail store, our online ad experts can help craft a highly effective internet ad campaign.

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Santa Monica Online Advertising

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The Santa Monica-based online advertising firm Coalition Technologies provides expert online advertising services to clients in an array of locally based and national industries.  Our team of graphic designers, web programmers, interaction designers and AdWords gurus offers a suite of sophisticated internet advertising solutions ranging from keyword content creation and SEO services to banner ad campaigns and cross-site promotions.   Maybe you need to have your business’ website revamped to give your brand a fresh start online.  Perhaps you have an existing AdWords campaign that you believe should be paying off more.  It could be that you run a retail store that needs to extend its image and sales operations onto the internet.  Or, you may be looking for some help developing and promoting a new mobile shopping platform.  Regardless of your business’ online advertising objectives, the expert online advertisers at Coalition Technologies can execute a powerful, cost-effective marketing and sales conversion campaign.

If you’re concerned about competitors eating into your online sales profits, Coalition Technologies offers internet advertising services designed to help counter their efforts and even attack their market share.  By staying ahead of shifts in keyword marketing trends and changes in online buying habits, our Venice Beach-based team of crack online marketers helps clients protect their existing customer bases while maintaining an aggressive market positioning.  Some of the expert online advertising services provided by the firm include:

– Sophisticated AdWords management

– Strategic, SEO-friendly content creation

– Dynamic banner ads

– Geographically and demographically targeted internet advertising campaigns
– Branded games creation

– Mobile advertising

– e-Commerce platforms, secure transactions and online shopping capabilities

– Micro-sites and special event online advertising

As more and more business are taking to the internet to advertise their products and services, Coalition Technologies continues to master the craft of making our clients stand out from the noise.  We pair cutting-edge online advertising best-practice recommendations with unique, creative ad copy and engaging website designs to help clients overcome any competitive disadvantages and corner internet markets previously dominated by others.

At the Coalition Technologies office in Santa Monica, online advertising is a highly accountable and ROI-relevant practice.  We provide a suite of expert digital advertising services – including ROI reporting – on a flexible, scalable basis according to clients’ business goals and marketing budgets.

And when it comes to location-specific online advertising, Coalition Technologies has a decisive leg up in the Venice Beach area, leveraging our knowledge of local goings-on and our connections to the artists, musicians, graphic designers, restaurateurs and media entrepreneurs that drive this diverse, opportunity-rich coastal city.  Frequently, the Coalition Technologies team will furnish discounts to locally operating business and corporations with a footprint in our backyard.

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Online Marketing in Venice Beach, CA

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Looking for some help from a Venice beach online marketing expert? Need to redesign your website to make it more appealing to your target audience? Do you want assistance in crafting internet ads and media-rich banners to lure in site visitors and convert more of them into customers? Maybe you’re looking to drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar store in Venice Beach or some other defined community? Maybe you just want to make your purchasing pages or make your site more functional and user-friendly? No matter what sort on online marketing you need, whether it’s logo art, web design, site development or search engine marketing, our team of internet branding and marketing experts can help put together a completely unique and integrated online marketing campaign.

venice-beach-sunsetIn Venice Beach, online marketing revolves around both locals and tourists. It is a highly seasonal market with an underlying creative class that keeps many businesses doing well throughout the year, supporting a vibrant and tech-savvy artistic community. Against this backdrop, Coalition Technologies draws from emerging media and groundbreaking artistic trends and combines that creative prowess with the most cutting-edge, up-to-date online marketing strategies and best practices. This Venice Beach model has many lessons that can be applied to other semi-seasonal markets throughout the country, as well as smaller communities with businesses that need to broaden the scope of their operations and corporate image via the internet. That said, our web experts know that each client and each market has its own unique set of online marketing considerations. Each company has specific goals and each needs a highly customized online marketing plan that can be executed easily and on a reasonable budget. That’s why Coalition Technologies builds online marketing campaigns that are meant to accommodate growth. That’s important because after Coalition Technologies deploys an online marketing effort, traffic and sales conversions often rise, making it imperative that sites and SEM operations can adapt to handle the change.

Coalition Technologies’ team of online marketing specialists works with clients to craft marketing messages and branding campaigns that maximize market impact and boost clients’ bottom lines. Whether you need a viral video about your Venice Beach media venture or you have a restaurant located on the beach or anywhere else in the country, out experienced online marketing professionals and search engine optimization gurus can make rapid online growth in sales or brand awareness a reality:

  • Complete site designs and development
  • Strategic content creation and management systems
  • Text and banner ads
  • Overhauls of content for SEO
  • Tweaking landing pages and keywords deployed to boost conversion-rates
  • Social networking and new media marketing
  • Mobile internet advertising

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Santa Monica Online Marketing

Online marketing is essential for businesses operating on the internet.  Santa Monica-based Coalition Technologies knows that a company’s web-based operations are increasingly tied to both offline sales and overall profitability. From website design and logo creation to search engine optimization and advanced backend marketing capabilities, the experienced team at Coalition santa-monica-website-designersTechnologies can create and execute the various elements that go into a successful online marketing campaign, combining innovative, creative advertising and industry-leading marketing and positioning strategies.  The website design and development experts at Coalition Technologies’ Santa Monica office help build websites and online communities that give companies a clear online identity and set them up for a range of marketing activities and cross-promotional opportunities.  We also employ some of the industries most aggressive and inventive search engine marketers and AdWords keyword specialists, ensuring that we not only help clients build stunning and brand-building websites, we also help set them apart and elevate their visibility to those searching for relevant products and services.  By helping to capture search traffic and then direct users to targeted product pages and pieces of content, Coalition Technologies helps clients expand their clientele, penetrate new markets and open up new streams of revenue.

Located in the artistic and business west coast hub of Santa Monica, Coalition Technologies draws from the rich talent pool and cultural influences that make Santa Monica unique.  The exposure to emerging media trends, Hollywood-quality production practices and regular displays of cutting-edge art helps keep the Coalition Technologies team at the forefront of internet marketing techniques.  Industry-standard best-practices are just the beginning at our digital consultancy.  We go further to infuse all of our online marketing work with an eye towards your larger branding and business objectives. Perhaps you already have a Google AdWords campaign that seems to be more trouble and cost than it’s worth.  Maybe your account is profitable, but needs a complete overhaul to eliminate waste and hone marketing messages.

Coalition Technologies’ team of professional graphic designers and digital marketing experts knows that a great website with lots of great links is just one part of marketing a business on the internet.  Nowadays, a company’s online presence almost inevitably needs to permeate some level of social media or some pocket of an online community via tactful, intelligent online marketing.   Having created numerous successful social media marketing campaigns for customers based in Santa Monica and other cities across the country, the Coalition Technologies team stays ahead of shifts in social networking and changes in the way that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace interact with search engines like Google and Bing.

At Coalition Technologies, we also specialize in:

– Targeting strategically important demographics

– Creating location-specific online marketing campaigns to maximize clients’ investments in paid media

– Building ad writing effective, simple-to-understand text ads, banner ads and advertorial pieces.

– Establishing micro-sites for special events

– Making and promoting dedicated community sites to help corner a particular demographic market

At Coalition Technologies, our industry-leading, highly experienced digital advertising gurus build out flexible online marketing campaigns that maximize clients’ budgets while helping them grow their bottom lines.