Los Angeles Interactive Agency Considers the Future of Interactive Icons

As the founder of a leading Los Angeles interactive agency, I’m constantly reassessing the digital landscape and looking for ways to put my clients ahead of the curve. As more and more Web surfers go mobile (mobile Internet searches are expected to surpass desktop searches as early as this year), we’re seeing a rapid evolution in the ways that people process information.… read more “Los Angeles Interactive Agency Considers the Future of Interactive Icons”

Lindsay Lohan Should Not Be Sent to Jail

Surprise, surprise.  I am actually going to defend Lindsay Lohan on my blog.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in 2007 after getting caught drunk driving twice.  Much more recently, her alcohol detecting bracelet determined that she had been drinking.  The circumstances surrounding this incident are incriminating: she had just attended parties after the MTV Music Awards.

I have had experience with alcohol detecting devices, including ones that use the same technology as Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol detecting bracelet. … read more “Lindsay Lohan Should Not Be Sent to Jail”

8 Best Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys

Below are my 8 favorite Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys to use:

  1. Windows key + M minimizes everything on your desktop so you can see the background.
  2. Windows key + Shift + M restores all the windows you just minimized above (but not ones individually minimized beforehand).
  3. Windows key + E opens the windows explorer for quick access to files and folders on your computer.
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Hiring Slow, Firing Fast: Problems of this Strategy

I have been following the strategy of Hire Slow, Fire Fast when it comes to recruiting and have come to realize that there are a number of severe limitations to this strategy. Here are a few:

  1. If your company’s customer base is growing rapidly, your team of brilliant people can become overworked and demotivated because of it.
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Social Security Disability: America’s Largest Scam

There was an excellent article in NPR today about the Social Security Disability Scam. At $260 BILLION a year it is by far America’s largest scam. Bernie Madoff only managed to achieve $60 billion through his entire lifetime. However, the Social Security Disability scam is considered politically untouchable because 14 million Americans benefit from it and don’t have to work.… read more “Social Security Disability: America’s Largest Scam”

Italian Employment Law Caused Carnival Cruise Ship Debacle

Almost everyone agrees that the Italian captain of the Carnival cruise ship was utterly incompetent and caused the deaths of several people when he ran his ship aground.  He is now being charged with manslaughter, abandoning ship and other crimes.  Read more about him abandoning ship here.

The question is: Why was this idiot the captain of a major ship in the first place?… read more “Italian Employment Law Caused Carnival Cruise Ship Debacle”

Interesting Conversation on Singularity.

7:03 PM ”A Friend”: I like Kurweil’s idea

7:04 PM he’s kind of a salesman for it

this blog of his is good


7:05 PM absolutely man will combine his body with machines to a ridic extent

already happening

google in your hand

next in your glasses

sorry I was at dinner last night

plus this http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/01/sexual-favors-chicken-mcnuggets.html

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