Social Security Disability: America’s Largest Scam

There was an excellent article in NPR today about the Social Security Disability Scam. At $260 BILLION a year it is by far America’s largest scam. Bernie Madoff only managed to achieve $60 billion through his entire lifetime. However, the Social Security Disability scam is considered politically untouchable because 14 million Americans benefit from it and don’t have to work. Each one of these people will vote and fight extraordinarily hard to protect their disability entitlement.

I actually personally know many people on Social Security Disability who are scamming the system:

  • My own mom – never worked in her life but is fully capable of sitting in a 7/11 gas station or admin position.
  • Buddies dad – hasn’t worked in 10 years but has done tons of odd jobs around the house and for neighbors for extra cash.
  • Buddies mom – she regularly works at the gym, but still collects a disability check.

I can think of probably a dozen more people like this. The only legitimate person I know on Social Security Disability would be my stepdad who fell off a building while working and crushed his legs. He is much of the way recovered now though and could probably do a desk job.

Come to think of it – why I am working so hard? I could collect a disability check and get a doublewide and play computer games for the rest of my life! And if I really wanted to do well, I would have a bunch of kids and purposely make them do poorly in school so I could collect disability checks on behalf of each one of them! Then I could buy a sick Alienware gaming machine.

Work is for suckers, right?

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  1. my neighbor is doing the same thing,and told me i should do it,because everybody is doing it

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