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Coalition Technologies is a website design firm located in Los Angeles, CA and we meet and work with clients all over the United States. We specialize in building powerful search engine optimized websites. Why would you build a website if no one will visit it?

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Search Engine Optimization is a core service offered by the Los Angeles, CA based Coalition Technologies team. We use the best proven methods for gaining high rankings for your company with our guaranteed SEO services. Our staff understands that our success depends on your success.

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Are you in need of effective management for your Google Adwords campaign? At Coalition Technologies, based in Los Angeles CA, we have Google Adwords experts who can analyze your campaign and determine what changes and upgrades need to be made in order to make it profitable.

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Microsoft Windows Azure Scammed Me Out Of $611.87

(As always, everything posted below and throughout my blog is my opinion and my opinion only.  Thanks lawyers.)

I wanted to try testing out using Microsoft’s Windows Azure to see if it was a worthwhile service for my clients. I signed up for the Windows Azure Introductory Special after a salesman (and the website) stated that for testing a site I would have NO CHARGES unless I took it live to a production server (and even then I would have to have more use more than 10,000 storage transactions, 500 MB of storage and 25 compute hours of a small instance.… read more “Microsoft Windows Azure Scammed Me Out Of $611.87”

12 Frat Rules

I received an email from the Black Rooster yesterday telling me his little brother is going to start UK’s first fraternity and asking me if I could remember any rules from my time in a frat. Being a good-natured fraternity man, I helped him out by sending him the following 12 rules of a fraternity.

12 Frat Rules:

  1. Purchase Hollister hemp choker necklaces and distribute to all members
  2. Find five fat girls to show up to every party, and even on nights when nothing happens
  3. Purchase detergent soap and distribute to all members to wash sharpie off skin

  4. Find a silly event in the ancient past to base your fraternity’s morals on so that you can haze freshmen more easily
  5. Recruit one smart guy to cheat off when necessary
  6. Stick with one race of guys, though make sure to have at least one token guy of another race to prevent judgements of racism
  7. Find one douchey guy willing to be President and take the heat when the police bust the party
  8. Grow a beer gut by your fourth year
  9. Provide group showers for ample ogling activities and occasional rape/”hazing” opportunities
  10. Learn to chew
  11. Recruit at least one meathead to back members up in fights
  12. Build your fraternity house like a hospital so it is easy to hose out the puke, spilled booze, blood and trash on a weekly basis.