Are you in need of effective management for your Google Adwords campaign? At Coalition Technologies, based in Los Angeles CA, we have Google Adwords experts who can analyze your campaign and determine what changes and upgrades need to be made in order to make it profitable.

What are important factors that impact your Google Adwords campaign?

  1. Negative Keywords
  2. Campaign Structure
  3. Quality Scores
  4. Clickthrough Rates
  5. Integrating with Google Analytics
  6. Ad Group Structure
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Average CPCs
  9. Total Cost
  10. Average Position
  11. Geographic Location Targeting
  12. Device & Networks
  13. Speed of Ad Display
  14. Page Load Time
  15. Max CPCs

Knowing how to set up all of these factors to have a MAXIMALLY PROFITABLE Adwords campaign is very challenging and requires a deep and thorough knowledge of direct marketing as well as knowing Google Adwords like the back of your hand.

Before hiring someone to manage your Google Adwords campaign, you should ask them to explain how the Adwords system works to you and compare the explanations you receive and base your decision on that comparison.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.